Alan Wake 2 First Gameplay Revealed in Trailer, Releases October 17th

Alan Wake 2Remedy Entertainment just released a brand-new trailer for Alan Wake 2 during this year’s PlayStation Showcase. This reveal comes just days after Alan Wake’s voice actor Matthew Porretta hinted at an October release date.

Not only does the new trailer confirm the release for October 17th this year, but it also showed us the first real gameplay of the upcoming sequel. If the footage shown is any indication of what the finished game will look like, the title, running on Remedy’s own Northlight engine, looks nothing short of spectacular.

Alan Wake 2Remedy seems to nail not only graphical fidelity, with almost life-like characters in detailed worlds but also nails the atmosphere a game like Alan Wake 2 requires to get players in just the right mood to get up and check our flashlights’ batteries.

We were also pleased to see, Remedy Entertainment’s 0wn creative director and the original Max Payne himself, Sam Lake, appearing in the footage.

As mentioned, the long-awaited sequel to Alan Wake, which came out back in May of 2010, is due to finally release on October 17th, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.

Have a look for yourself in the trailer below:

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