A Spooky New Teaser for the Upcoming Horror Sequel, ‘Beyond Hanwell’, Has Just Been Released

Beyond HanwellBeyond Hanwell is an upcoming non-linear single player psychological/survival horror game coming in 2024 to PC from developer/publisher Steel Arts Software Ltd.

The game is a sequel to Welcome To Hanwell, an open world survival horror game that was released in 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

About the game:

In this sequel, players will step back into Hanwell and discover the world beyond it. Set in the deeper parts of London, you will explore Westminster and uncover the truth about the enigmatic stranger known as The Director.


  • Explore a rich, atmospheric take on Westminster and it’s various Locations. Filled with lore and secrets to discover.
  • All new dual control melee combat system, land each hit and combo with satisfying intensity.
  • Scavenge scarce but available weapons and ammo with new shooting mechanics.
  • Use the environment in creative ways to take out the Anomolies. Set them on fire, electrocute them, crush them and more in frantic efforts to survive.
  • Follow the story in your own way, non-linear open gameplay makes for a unique experience.
  • Splice yourself with Anomolous DNA and gain otherworldly abilities.
  • Immersive. All player feedback is displayed in game, with no HUD whatsoever to keep the player immersed and the tension high.

You can currently try out a playable teaser for the game entitled Beyond Hanwell Teaser: The Royal Hallamshire on both Steam and Itch.io. Be sure to wishlist the game here.

You can view a first look of gameplay for Beyond Hanwell here and watch the announcement teaser trailer below.

YouTube video

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