Resident Evil Zero Trial Version

You start with Rebecca in a normal train with broken tables etc. After you move little, the first zombies are standing up, but that’s no problem, because you have a lot of ammo. After you killed them you have to go through the right door, because the other one can only be opened with a lockpick, but you don’t have one yet. Well, you go through this door and you can see a locked door in front of you and you can also go upstairs. Before you go upstairs, you can grab another pack of ammo. Once you went upstairs, a burning zombie is attacking you. And after that another one. You kill them and grab some herbs in this room. This room who is filled with burning tables has another door. If you enter it you can see a ring on the floor. You grab it and put it in a small excavator. (to bring it down to Billy)

Now you start playing with Billy. You switch between Billy and Rebecca whenever you want by pressing the X-Button. Now playing with Billy, you claim this ring Rebecca sent down with the excavator and continue your investigation with Billy. After you grabbed another herb in this room you can also see great soup animations (yes, a soup moves in a plate). Next room with Billy you have to kill two dogs and grab a bag. You can also find another ring in here. So you need to put both rings into the bag to open it. Yes, after you did that, you can open the bag and inside there finally is a lockpick. You can check through another door, to go outside of the train and see great raining animations! Amazing! Well, so go back to the first room and through a door you can only open with your new lockpick. Now you are there where Rebecca went upstairs, remember?, Well you switch to Rebecca and go with her to see Billy. Also you can always change stuff from Billy and Rebecca`s inventar, so if Rebecca is wounded and Billy has a first aid spray you can give it to her easily.

Now you can go through the door Rebecca couldn’t go at the beginning. So back to where you started with Rebecca and switch over to Billy to open the door. After you went through this path and check the two rooms you go through another door to another part of the train, one path in the middle, stairs and tables on the side. 6 (!!) zombies are waiting to get killed here! You then also enter with Rebecca. Now there are stairs beside the doorway. After you go up you have to kill another 3 zombies. Meanwhile Rebecca stays downstairs. (if you want you can take her with you too of course) There is one emtpy room where you can only see a hole on the plavon and rain is coming in from there. You can go to another room, very small one with Billy and grab a shotgun (different than the shotgun in the Remake) But there are also two zombie waiting in here. After you claimed the shotgun you can go down the stairs again. You then go through another door. On the right you can see a smashed window where rain is coming inside extremely realistically! However, you then can see two doors on your right. Inside the first room you can find a normal knife. In the second one there is one herb plus some ammo for the handgun. Outside the room there is the path going on. You see a door which is closing and opening again due to the wind that comes into the train. But also one locked room! There is also a dead zombie (yeah he really is dead and doesn’t stand up, hehe) who keeps a first aid spray. After you grabbed it, go through the next door by using your lockpick and you will find yourself on a path outside of the train. Again, rain is coming down very realistically. At the end of this path, yeah you guessed right, another door, hehe. Now you are in the very front part of the train where you kill another zombie. You will also find a key here. Ah, yeah, so then rush back to the long path inside the train where you found the first aid spray and open the door nearby. Inside there is again very chilly lighteffects and a button near the doorway. Press it and some small wodden stairs are coming down from above. Of course you climb up the stairs and you find yourself in the, let me say “high class area”. Yeah, there is a nice bar and a lot of place to go, of course the tables aren`t missing too.

If you go on a video sequenze is coming and every RE fan knows this scene. The scorpion arrives! After this sequenze you can see your character shooting at the scorpion one time and then a bloody font shows up, saying “Coming Soon”.

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