Resident Evil: Dead Aim About

Dead Aim marks the latest in the survivor series. In Japan the game was known as ‘Biohazard: Gun Survivor 4 – Heroes Never Die’, but was changed to Resident Evil Dead Aim in Western regions as the previous Survivor games sold very badly.

The game itself has done moderately well, and is deserving of the praise it’s often labelled. Outside the combat system it’s a very traditional Resident Evil game, its third person. You go around hunting for keys and exploring rooms, whilst dodging creatures. Only when you initiate combat does the game go into a first person light gun shooting game, but thankfully – that aspect of the game works well this time.

It took a long time, and 4 games getting here. But Dead Aim really is getting there with what Capcom tried to do with Survivor all those years ago. The key here is the effort, the production values are high. It has good voice acting, superb FMV, decent graphics and the controls are intuitive and responsive, (controller and gun alike). The web domains for Dead Aim 2 and Dead Aim 3 have been bought by Capcom so we can only hope for more Dead Aim games in the future, though whether they will be direct sequels to this game, or separate chapters in the Resident Evil universe, remains to be seen.

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