Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Items

Operation: Javier

A lighter that Leon carried in Resident Evil 2.  It has proved its usefulness on many occasions.

Ink Ribbon
A disposable item used with a typewriter in Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica.  It could be used to save game progress.

Valve Handle
A handle for opening and closing valves.  It was used to do many things like adjust water pressure and fan regulators.

Factory Key
A key with a plate attached to it.  In Resident Evil 2 it was used to lower the turntable that connected the sewers to the research facility.

Battery Pack
A battery pack used to operate large machinery. Place it in the lift in the Training Facility garage to reach the second floor section.

Mining Room Key
A key used on a door in the Cargo Sorting Room in the Antarctic Base.

Duralumin Case
A metal case with a simple lock. In CV valuable items were found within.

Small Keys
Keys used to open drawers and doors. They serve the same purpose as Claire’s lockpick, only they’re discarded after use.

Sterilization Key
A silver key with a biohazard symbol etched into it. In CV it opens the door between the sterilization room and the Antarctic hall in the Antarctic base following Alexia’s awakening.

Machine Room Key
A key used to open a door in the Cargo Sorting Room B1 in the Antarctic Base. In CV it was needed to get to the Mining Room B1.

Medicine to stop bleeding. In CV it was used to treat Umbrella’s security officer Rodrigo Juan Raval.

Virgin Heart
A jewel to set in the relief in the Police Station art room.

Memory of a Lost City

A portable tool that Claire used in RE2 to open drawers and other simple locks.

Locker Key
A key used in the dark room at the Police Station in RE2. There were hidden costumes in the locker.

Blue Card Key
A card key for the computer terminal in the reception area of the Police Station. In addition to
unlocking the doors in the 1F main hall, it also permits entry into the library on the 2F.

Spade Key
A Police Station key in the shape of a spade. In RE2, it was used to unlock the Police Station data room.

Unicorn Medal
A gold medal with a unicorn engraved in it. In RE2, it was placed in the fountain of the main hall of the Police Station to get the Spade Key.

Golden Cog
A part used to activate the large clock in the Police Station in RE2. The door opened to reveal a Knight Plug for Leon and the right half of the Blue Stone for Claire.

Manhole Opener
A tool used to open manhole covers. It was used to reveal a ladder underneath the Police Station. The ladder could be used to reach the underground treatment facility via the sewer.

Knight Plug
Plug in the shape of a knight chess piece. It was used together with the Bishop Plug, King Plug, and Rook Plug to open the Chess Key Door in the filtration room that led to the sewer.

Picture (Sherry’s Family)
A family picture that Sherry always carries with her. In the middle is Sherry with her mother and father, William and Annette Birkin at her sides.

Wolf Medal
A silver medal engraved with the image of a wolf. Placed together with the Great Eagle Medal, in the passenger recognition machine in the sewers, it opens the way to the suspension bridge.

Picture (Ada and John)
A picture that Ada carried. It shows her smiling with her boyfriend John, an Umbrella research scientist.

Power Room Key
A key used to open the Power Room in the Research Facility where the Tyrant battle occurred.

Main Fuse
An electric part that inserts into the main shaftbreaker system of the research facility. The attack of G2 knocked out the fuse and caused the system to shut down, making it impossible to open the shutters.

MO Disk
Recording media necessary to enter the laboratory cargo room. In RE2 it was placed in the disc drive in the C area hall of the laboratory.

Master Key
The Master Key to the Raccoon City underground research facility. In RE2 it was used to open the emergency route for the main elevator and to lock and unlock the guard room door.

Platform Key
A key used in RE2 to open the passageway door that led from the research facility platform to the foorbridge.

Game Of Oblivion

Family Picture
A photograph Steve carries around. He’s shown here smiling with what looks to be his parents.

Special Alloy Emblem
A replica of the Eagle Emblem made using the special metal TG-01. In CV it was placed in the hollow in the security tower city square gate to open it.

Ceramic Vase
A gift given to Alfred by his butler, Scott Harman, to commemorate Alfred’s succession to head of the Ashford estate. Inside is the Queen Ant Object.

ID Card
A form of identification worn by Umbrella employees. The back of the card has the employee’s ID number and their picture.

Door Knob
A removed door knob. It was attached to the door in the security room hallway in the Training Facility to access the garage.

King Ant Object
An object made to resemble a king ant, fitted with a sapphire jewel. In CV it was placed in the hollow of the music box in Alfred’s bedroom to open its lid.

Queen Ant Object
An object made to resemble a queen ant, fitted with a ruby. In CV it was used to open the music box in Alexia’s bedroom and get the Music Box Record.

Music Box Record
A disc that makes the music box play. In CV it was placed in the empty music box in Alfred’s room, it lowers a ladder to the Toy Room

Airport Key
A key with K-402 inscribed on its tag. It opens the electronic shutter blocking the door to the airport elevator in the airport cargo hold.

Control Lever
The lever needed to move the extendable iron bridge on the second floor of the airport transport stop. In CV it was attached to the bridge operation panel to control it.

Alfred’s Ring
A ring Alfred was wearing on his finger. In CV, when the blew stone was removed and examined, it yielded the proof of the true successor to the Ashford estate, Alfred’s Jewel.

Alexander’s Earring
An earring Alexander wore in his ear. In CV, when the green stone wa removed and examined, it yielded the proof of the true successor to the Ashford estate, Alexander’s Jewel.

Alexia’s Choker
A necklace Alexia was wearing around her neck. In CV, when the red stone was removed and examined, it yielded the proof of the true successor to the Ashford estate, Alexia’s Jewel.

Golden Dragonfly
An object, made by combining five smaller objects, that resembles a dragonfly. In CV it opened the door to the hall that leads to the Control Room in the Antarctic Base.

Special thanks to ShadowOne for research and acquiring images

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