Resident Evil 3 About

The prequel to Resident Evil 2 was released in 1999. RE2 again was a huge success, so it was just sure for Capcom to move on with the series.

Capcom decided to place RE3 before the events of RE2 (at the beginning) and after the events of RE2 (the end). Confusing? Not really. Its just another game that plays during the mess in Raccoon City. You could say RE2 and RE3 almost playing at the same time but at different locations.

RE3 didn’t really fullfill the expectations most RE fans had with this title. The gameplay was the same as in previous titles. It still had pre-rendered backgrounds, in improved quality of course, but still the same technology. Ok, we couldn’t expect a technology flip, but RE3 just felt like RE2 most of the time. Many people though say it is the best game in the series, but also the last title that can be done with this technology and on PlayStation.

RE3 was ported over to alot of other platforms like PC, Dreamcast and finally GameCube without giving it any big modification with each port.

Release Dates:
Japan: September 1999 | US: November 11th 1999 | PAL: January 2000

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