Resident Evil Series

  • Resident Evil Zero Trial Version

    usediancimumn - June 14, 2010

    You start with Rebecca in a normal train with broken tables etc. After you move little, the first zombies are…
  • Resident Evil Zero N64 Version

    Dominik Mayr - June 9, 2010

    Resident Evil 0 was originally planned for the Nintendo 64 console. First impressions where shown back in 1999. The graphics…
  • Resident Evil Zero Weapons

    Dominik Mayr - June 9, 2010

    Combat Knife Only use this as a backup. Don't use it unless you have no other choice, as it will…
  • Resident Evil Zero Enemies

    Dominik Mayr - June 9, 2010

    ZOMBIE Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host…
  • Resident Evil Zero Characters

    BriergedyLeli - June 9, 2010

    REBECCA CHAMBERS Height: 161cm Weight: 42,1kg Blood Type: AB Age: 18 DESCRIPTION / BIO Rebecca Chambers, an expert when it…
  • Resident Evil 4 About

    Malte Ehlers - May 20, 2010

    Well, it’s finally out. And what a post-Resident Evil game period it’s been. We all thought Survivor, Outbreak tore the…
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