Resident Evil Zero Enemies

Zombie Infection with T-Virus in a human host results with this. It has a severe necrotic effect on the host due to their metabolism, and they need to feed on fresh meat in order to survive. They have no intelligent behaviour and are driven only by their urges, and so they0 are easy to either kill or avoid. In this primative stage of transformation, they are also very slow.
Origin: Human | Attack: Slow | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5
Cerberus Dogs infected with the T-Virus. A standard enemy in Resident Evil games, they are fairly easy to dispose of, just don’t let them jump on you.
Origin: Dog | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5
Leech Zombie Leech Zombies are one of the most dangerous enemies you encounter in Resident Evil Zero. They are very resistant to damage and can cause a lot of it. Their weak spot is fire which you can use to your advantage with Molotov Cocktails and Napalm- rounds. Before dying the Leech Zombies will explode and cause damage to anyone nearby.
Origin: Leech | Attack: Slow | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 4/5
Hunter The hunter is a result of impregnating a human embryo with frog DNA, and infusion of the T-Virus into the mix. It’s one of Umbrella’s most successful experiments, and for a good reason. It’s a very dangerous opponent and if you’re injured, it can take your head off with one swipe and pursue you. Do not take this enemy lightly.
Origin: Frog | Attack: Very Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5
Plague Crawler A mutated insect, thanks to the T-Virus this advanced version now has 2 meters of length. The speciality of the insect is to quickly attack someone without giving the victim a chance to avoid it.
Origin: Insect | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 2/5
Tyrant Prototype The Prototype Tyrant experiment was the base of all future Tyrant experiments. It is the first of the Tyrant line, due to a human being infected with the Progenitor Virus. However, it was not refined and unstable, thus was abandoned as a project. He has all the trademarks of a Tyrant, including the exposed heart, elongated claws and it is a very dangerous opponent.
Origin: Human | Attack: Quick | Infection: Progenitor | Danger Level: 4/5
Big Centipede With its long tail and fang this enemy is definitely one of the harder ones. Having 10 meters of length plus sharp claws this enemy doesn’t seem to be in a mood for nice chat with you.
Origin: Centipede | Attack: Normal | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5
Crow Crows infected with the T-Virus which have become very hungry and after human flesh. It doesn’t take too much ammo to kill them, and in some situations they can be very difficult to avoid, in which case you should get them out of your way.
Origin: Crow | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 1/5
Leech Leeches mutated by the Progenitor Virus as a result of Marcus’ experiments. The initial experiments resulted in the discovery of the T-Virus due to the infusion of Leech DNA to Progenitor. Very dangerous and can collect together to become the Leech Zombie.
Origin: Leech | Attack: Normal | Infection: Progenitor | Danger Level: 2/5
Stinger A Scorpion which has mutated and grown to many times it’s normal size due to infusion with the T-Virus. It clawed it’s way into the Ecliptic Express and you’ll have to fight it and heavy weaponry will be required.
Origin: Scorpion | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5
Eliminator These T-Virus infected monkeys are ferocious and bloodthirsty beasts. They are insanely fast and agile and usually attack in groups.
Origin: Monkey | Attack: Very Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5
Lurker These huge mutated frogs populate the watery areas of the laboratory. They have the ability to latch their tongue on to you and start dragging you close to them. If you’re unable to break free then they’ll simply eat you alive.
Origin: Frog | Attack: Quick | Infection: T-Virus | Danger Level: 3/5
Leech Queen After being assassinated by Umbrella, Dr. Marcus was re-animated by Leeches and became sentient for a while, however, the leech begins to take over his body and takes over him, and mutates into the Queen Leech. Once it mutates, it becomes very vulnerable to sunlight and is photosensitive.
Origin: Leech | Attack: Quick | Infection: Progenitor | Danger Level: 4/5

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