Resident Evil Zero N64 Version

Resident Evil 0 was originally planned for the Nintendo 64 console. First impressions where shown back in 1999. The graphics where looking amazing for a Nintendo 64 game. There even was a playable version of it shown at E³ 2000. In these early stages Rebecca and Billy were still our two main protagonists and were still on a train at the start. In fact lots seen in the 64 version reflects what we find in the final in terms of how it plays out and the story it tells with the exception of aesthetics which went over a lot of overhauling from this initial Resident Evil Zero conception.

In early 2001 first rumors spread around saying that it will most likely not be released on the “dying” Nintendo 64 hardware. Instead Capcom is remaking it for Nintendo Dolphin (later known as GameCube). In late 2001 Capcom signed the exclusive contract with Nintendo and announced RE Zero for the GameCube as well.

You can see some pictures and an advertisement from the N64 version below. Looking totally crappy you say? Well, it is now, but in 1999/2000 it was the best you could get out of the N64 hardware.

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