E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 trailer analysis


Resident Evil 7 has been confirmed and shown for the first time at Sony’s excellent E3 press conference. Let’s start with the official information we have straight from Capcom. Resident Evil 7 will take place in modern time, in a mansion in rural America, set after the events of Resident Evil 6. The first-person survival horror game will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR. It will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Now let’s get to my analysis of the game’s first trailer.


The trailer starts with a mysterious phone call that refers to a woman with the spoken dialogue: “She’s back.” Who could “she” be? Something tells me “she” could be the creepy girl we see in quick cuts throughout the trailer.


Here we have a really quick cut that shows off one of the game’s enemy types. We have a mark branded on said enemy’s arm which could indicate a cult-like group being involved, the likes of Saddler’s followers from Resident Evil 4. We later see this enemy attacking one of the characters.


The next part of the quick cut shows off this lovely face. Infected? Or one of the ghosts that we’ll be dealing with? If we’re dealing with ghosts, as this trailer indicates, maybe the “she” being referred to could be this entity.


Here we see our partner character getting attacked by what looks like parasitic snakes, further deepening the mystery behind what’s going on in this mansion. Just what type of outbreak are we dealing with?


This newspaper’s headline confirms something we were originally teased with in Resident Evil 4’s early 3.5 prototype version. Yes, we’re going to be dealing with ghosts in Resident Evil 7, to some capacity. And it also looks like we might be somewhere in Louisiana.


Who’s watching?


Well, would you look at that! Looks like our zombie friends are back.


Here we’re being dragged by what could be one of the “infected.” Or it could also be the person that was watching through the window earlier in the trailer. This could also indicate that we won’t just be confined to the confirmed mansion, unless this particular scene takes place early in the game where our character first arrives in the area surrounding it, being taken to the mansion.


This could be the same person we see in the quick cuts from early. You know, the creepy face. She definitely seems linked to this mansion and the events that have led to the “outbreak” within it. Also keep in mind how in the game’s official key art (pictured at the top of this article), we have a little girl standing in front of the mansion, who this could very well be.


This shot makes me think of Alex Wesker, what with all the creepy dolls she loved decorating her evil lair with in Revelations 2. Could Alex Wesker/Natalia be somehow involved? Hell, could she be the girl we keep seeing?


Another mysterious character, which brings me to another theory. Resident Evil 7 could actually deal with multiple characters all caught in this new outbreak of fear.


I might be overthinking things here, but I think this could be Rebecca Chambers. She is already confirmed to be playing a central role in the upcoming animated film, Resident Evil: Vendetta. So, seeing as how that could serve as a precursor to this game, we might be seeing Rebecca play some sort of role in this game’s plot.


The first person I thought of when I saw this was Spencer. But… he’s dead. So, who could this be? So many questions!


This is quite the homecoming, so to speak, as we see our character arrive at the mansion, with someone watching them.

And after watching this trailer, this is definitely a homecoming for fans of the series, right in time for its 20th anniversary. It looks like we’re finally getting a return to the series’ roots, as has been heavily rumored.

I left some things out, leaving it to you all to discuss and share your own theories and observations in the comments below!

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