2023 Survival Horror Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2023The holidays are right around the corner, and many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift for our fellow survival horror fans. Regardless of your price range, there are many options out there.

Games and films may be the obvious choices, but you may want to expand your options to include more unique and unusual gifts this year! Alternatively, you may want to give them more freedom to choose their own games with a gift card.

Take a look at our 2023 survival horror holiday gift guide below for some great ideas.

Resident Evil PuzzleFor Resident Evil Fans

Maybe you have a friend who seems to have everything Resident Evil. Or at least all the games and movies. Have you considered something like the Good Loot Resident Evil: 25th Anniversary jigsaw puzzle? It includes a poster and bag and is a more unusual Resident Evil-themed gift. For a more whimsical gift, there is the Ada Wong rubber duck or the Funko Pop figures.

One of the more unusual Resident Evil items I actually own is a Resident Evil: Village replica necklace. Jewelry, costumes, and props make great gifts for a friend who loves cosplay. And items like replica T-virus vials are a nice item to display on your shelf alongside your games.

Robbie the Rabbit from Silent HillFor Silent Hill Fans

After last year’s Silent Hill Transmission livestream, many items have been released or re-released, such as Mondo’s Silent Hill soundtrack LPs. These have options like black or white vinyl, red, or “snowy” designs.

Vampyre Cosmetics also recently released their Silent Hill makeup collection, which includes a Pyramid Head box set with 3 lipsticks and two eyeshadow palettes, or separate palettes featuring Pyramid Head, a Bubble Head Nurse, or Robbie the Rabbit.
Vampyre Cosmetics

The Sweet Factory store has many new and official Silent Hill items, such as multiple 1:6 scale figures and a Mira the Shiba Inu plush. Etsy also has many fanmade replicas and props. Props, shirts, patches, keychains, and stickers appeal to most fans and come in a variety of designs. You can also search eBay for related keywords.

I’ve found many interesting Silent Hill promotional items this way. Everything from Japanese Bubble Head Nurse phone cards to posters, to Silent Hill: The Arcade shows up on eBay now and then! That’s also where I got my copy of the Silent Hill Play Novel and its guidebook.

Gift CardsGift Cards/Game Passes

Unless someone asks for a certain game specifically, you may not know which one to buy. Fear not, horror fans! If you know which console they typically use, you can allow them to choose. In the past, I have typically bought these for my brother when I couldn’t think of something specific to buy. You can get a code back immediately to email, or print it out and stick it inside a greeting card. Amazon has Xbox Game Passes or PSN digital gift cards. Steam also has digital gift cards if your friend prefers PC gaming.


Some of my favorite survival horror gifts that I’ve received in the past were custom Silent Hill 3 seal of Metatron replicas by FukuroShop on Etsy, an Army of Darkness deadite pit witch figure, a Resident Evil: Village necklace, and a Silent Hill: 0rigins Flauros by Battleaxeboogie. Since I used to play House of the Dead in arcades with friends, my House of the Dead figures (Johnny with Bouere frogs) also bring back great memories! There are also The Last of Us statues and many deluxe editions of games with bonuses and steelbook versions.
Miscellaneous Items

Gaming Gear and Accessories

Last year, I got a Razer BlackShark V2 gaming headset from my best friend to replace my broken headphones. Accessories I’ve purchased for PC gamers in recent years include things like a wireless mouse and keyboard combo. Friends who stream games may appreciate a ring light or LED lights to decorate their space. If you have more to spend, the Elgato Stream Deck is also very useful for streaming on PC.

Cheaper options could be a nice gaming mouse or keyboard if the person needs a new one. For mobile gamers, portable battery packs are useful for charging on the go. No one wants to run out of battery while gaming!
Gaming Gear
If you’re unsure, you can always ask the intended recipient. Ask about their favorite survival horror games, which games they have or don’t have, or what kind of accessories they need. Does your friend collect items from a specific franchise? Perhaps they have an extensive collection of gaming figures that they’d like to add to. Do they do cosplay?

Perhaps they want to decorate their gaming space with replicas and posters, or maybe they’d love a Resident Evil t-shirt. Some people may already have an Amazon wishlist full of items they specifically are looking for.

I hope you find the perfect gifts for your fellow horror fans this year!

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