The Last Of Us Remake Rumored to Hit PS5 In Q4 2022

The Last Of Us RemakeAccording to GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, Naughty Dog’s rumored The Last of Us Remake will be released for PS5 in time for holiday 2022.

Grubb revealed the news on the latest episode of the KindaFunny Gamescast while discussing upcoming releases in 2023. During a conversation about what major 1st party Sony-exclusive titles players can look forward to in 2022, Grubb said:

I keep hearing that’s coming out this year. This holiday is what we keep hearing. I’m pretty confident about that, too.

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg originally broke the news of The Last of Us Remake last year. Code-named T1X, the remake is reportedly being developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s Visual Arts Service Group, which includes developers from both internal and external studios within Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Based out of San Diego, the group is primarily responsible for helping finish off games developed by other Sony studios, as well as animation, art, or other content and development.

Even though the original The Last of Us already received an upgraded remastered edition for PS4 in 2018, the new remake is said to be more than just a basic upgrade.

According to GameReactor:

This won’t be a “simple” improvement of resolution, framerate, and textures. The kennel is going to really take advantage of PlayStation 5’s power and features with the The Last of Us: Part II engine. Not just in terms of graphics, but a few other things as well.

The Last Of Us Part II was the recipient of our 2020 Game Of The Year. At the time, I praised the game’s story, citing Naughty Dog’s unflinchingly bold narrative and character decisions as well as the game’s tense, polished gameplay. I stand by my statement that not only was it the best horror game of 2020, but the best game I played that year.

Are you excited for The Last of Us Remake? Are you relieved to know that it should be coming out by the end of this year? Let us know in the comments.

You can jump directly to the podcast’s The Last of Us Remake conversation below.


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