The Last of Us Part I Gets Stunning Launch Trailer

The Last of Us Part I

The launch trailer for the highly anticipated “re-imagined” The Last of Us Part I has just dropped. There has been a lot of discussion on whether a remake treatment was warranted for a game released for PS3 in 2013 and a remastered version released for PS4 in 2014 that still looks quite good.

However, once you actually have a look at the insane amount of detail work and fidelity shown off in the latest trailer, it’s hard to deny just how much of a step-up this version is, even from the remaster.

This reimagining looks and feels like the game many of us remember playing nine years ago, even though it’s been extensively remastered and rebuilt from the ground up to be more aesthetically in line with its much more technically advanced sequel. Given how long it’s been since its initial release, there has been an entire generation of gamers out there who may not yet have played Naughty Dog’s vision of a fungus-ridden, post-apocalypse, a game that has raked in over 200 Game of the Year awards.

The Last of Us Part I will be released for PlayStation 5 on 2nd September 2022, however, a PC version is also in development.

Check out the trailer in 4K resolution for yourself right here:

YouTube video

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