Possible New Terminator Game in the Works?


In a recent post on Nacon Studio Milan’s homepage, the Italian-based developer said they are tackling “an ambitious project based on the license for one of the world’s most popular film franchises” and that it will be a “survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment.”

Along with the announcement, the page also shows off some concept art featuring the decaying, post-apocalyptic remains of a cityscape and what looks to be underground resistance soldiers. Eagle-eyed fans have been quick to point out that a sign for a gun store featured on the right of the above image could potentially be a not-so-subtle reference to the Alamo gun store from The Terminator, where Arnold loaded up his arsenal and blew away poor Dick Miller.


The last video game outing in the franchise was the above-average FPS Terminator: Resistance that came out in 2019 and which we liked quite a bit. Upon its release, our own October Keegan said the game was, “very, very easily the best thing done with the license since Terminator 2. A tense, engaging and very human story that is so head-over-heels in love with the world James Cameron created all those years ago it’s hard not to enjoy.”


Without actual confirmation from the developer, it’s anyone’s guess whether this is actually related to the Terminator franchise or not. Here’s hoping developers continue the upward swing the franchise is on right now (at least, in video game form).

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more is revealed about Nacon Studio Milan’s latest project.

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