Patreon Goal #1 Reached!

Rely on Horror Patreon

Hello everyone,

It’s been several weeks since Dom reached out to all of you to discuss our financial struggles. That was a very stressful but uplifting day. Our Patreon‘s income as since stabilized, so we wanted to thank those of you who helped us reach our first goal!

We’re proud to say that since reaching the $200 goal, we’ve been able to comfortably compensate our team better, now that some of the site’s upkeep costs are covered. For each post made, our writers and contributors receive a small flat rate in addition to view-based income. This is a wonderful start to us becoming a competitive-paying and more professional outlet.

We now look toward the future. Granted our next two goals ($400 and $500 /month) are met, the creation of additional content — new features, original articles, video, perhaps the return of a biweekly podcast and more — will be possible. We will continue to promote our Patreon (we’d love if you did so as well) so that we can get closer to those next goals.

If you’re not already supporting us on Patreon, here’s a quick rundown of what you get in return for as little as $1 a month:

  • Ad-Free browsing!
  • Exclusive monthly horror film commentaries – from classics to the latest releases!
  • Invitation to an hour-long monthly Google Hangout session with Rely on Horror staff members for topical discussions and the latest news on the horror genre!
  • Exclusive Discord Role!
  • Advanced access to episodes of the Rely on Horror Show on Youtube !
  • Access to the Patreon comments page
  • Automatic entry into eligible site contests (requires valid email)
  • A Thank You on the site
  • Inclusion in our weekly newsletter!

A few exciting updates:

  • Both Rourke and Thomas D. will soon be purchasing gaming PCs. This is very exciting, because both of them will enter a new world of indie horror previously out of their grasp. Expect a broader range of indie horror coverage on RoH, more streams featuring both of them (and myself), and more video content from all of us! Perhaps now we can regularly host some community multiplayer events — Friday the 13th anyone?
  • Also – I’ll be at PAX East in a few weeks along with one of our newer members, Avery! if you’re attending, say hello!
  • We’ve updated our Discord to feature a handy news feed so you’ll never miss out on new posts. Check it out!

Again — thank you to all of our Patrons and those who reached out to show support. It means the world. But enough from us, we want to hear from you. What would you like to see from us, whether now with consideration to our available resources, or in the future if we hit additional Patreon goals? Please let us know in the comments.

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