MADiSON coming to PS4, Next-Gen Consoles and PC June 24th


BLOODIOUS GAMES and Perp Games have announced that their highly anticipated psychological horror game, MADiSON will release digitally on June 24th, 2022 for PS4, next-gen consoles, and PC. As well as the digital release, there will also be a special physical release called the ‘Possessed Edition’ which will be released on the same day across Europe and the US for the PS4 and PS5. The Switch version will release later in the Summer.

Per the developer’s press release:

What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood – your sister and mother massacred? MADiSON is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative. With the help of a ‘possessed’ instant camera, you will connect the human world with the beyond.

Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings, and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey, you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts.

The digital version will be priced at $29.99 and the physical ‘Possessed Edition’ will be priced at $39.99. The ‘Possessed Edition’ will feature numerous physical items such as an artbook and ritual cards as well as the Possessed Camera DLC. There will also be additional digital goodies.

You can check out the Official MADiSON Release Date Teaser below.

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