We’re Back: Whispers in the Dark records this weekend – Silent Hills cancellation

Hello, my lovelies. It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to whisper some words into your ears … in the dark. Because the Whispers in the Dark podcast returns. We’ll be kicking off the re-launch of our podcast this weekend, ushering in a new era that does away with news rundowns in favor of things more evergreen.

To give you the skinny real quick, each new Whispers’ episode will be focused on a new topic in the horror gaming space. It may be an extensive overview of a game series, a spoilercast, an interview or like this weekend, a look at a major event in the gaming industry and genre. We’ll also be mixing up the co-hosts in between episodes!

Our first episode in the Whispers’ revival will focus on the cancellation of Silent Hills and removal of P.T..¬†As you can imagine, it’s something we all have thoughts on.

As always, please leave your questions for us in the comments below. We’ll be a bit more picky-choosy this time around so there’s no redundant answering of things we’ve already addressed.

[Image: Destructoid]

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