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Dead Space 2 Demo Incoming!

How many times have you found yourself in the following circumstances regarding Dead Space 2?  It’s awesome, but the wait is agonizing!  If you’re anything like us, the answer is “countless.”

Well EA is set to remedy that situation, even if just a little.  The Demo for Dead Space 2 will launch on December 21 for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

“Releasing the demo five weeks before launch will not onlyre-connect players with our hero Isaac Clarke, but will give them the opportunity to experience firsthand various jaw-dropping scenarios.  It’s gonna be awesome.

–Steve Papaoutsis”

It might sound like standard PR talk, but RoH had a chance to sit down with the multiplayer beta of Dead Space 2.  If the single-player experience is anything like the multiplayer experience was, we’re going to have a GOTY contender on our hands in the first month.

This is just sneak peek at the full package.  For that, you’ll have t wait until January 25, 2011.  And we’re sorry, there’s no cutting the wait down for that.

With files from Gamesradar

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