What I’ve been doing to our EIC (Update)

As you know, I love me some Silent Hill. I talk about the series, I bother the people who work on it, and I have nearly all of my Silent Hill games signed. I’m a big fan and as I write this, one of my friends is experiencing Silent Hill 3 for the first time.

A few months ago I convinced Jorge, our fabulous Editor-in-chief, to try out the series. He played through Silent Hill 1 two times to get the best ending, and then he purchased the Silent Hill HD Collection (twice because he does that). As he told me of his adventures playing through Silent Hill 2 and crying at the end, I knew at that moment I had infected him. My moldy Silent Hill fandom-stick penetrated his inhibitions and lured him into the series. After he finished Silent Hill 3 he grew a fondness for yet another female videogame character–I had hoped he would forget about Jill, but alas, he did not. He also finished Downpour in record time and said to have enjoyed his time thoroughly.

Jorge fell in love with the series that I covet oh so much. He laughed, he cried, and he experienced something called symbolism: something Resident Evil doesn’t work with. But here I am, wondering when he will continue his transformation into a “Hiller”. My attempts to get him to consume some of my hair (useful in picking up keys in shower drains) did not work. For he has yet to purchase and play Silent Hill 4–the fourth and last entry of the series by Konami Japan.

Some may say Silent Hill 4 isn’t the best Silent Hill game in the series. I spit on them. They can not see greatness. They can not understand the perfection of odd, Japanese horror that Silent Hill 4 embraces. Jorge must be listening to those heretics. They whisper lies in his ear. Lies that Silent Hill 4 was never a Silent Hill game and was changed at the last minute. Pish posh, I say! Silent Hill 4 is a story of mind-fuckery that must be experienced.

Because he will not listen to the words I scream, I have decided to do something that will get him to expedite his attempts to play the game. For everyday (or when I remember) that he does not have Silent Hill 4, I will use my amazing Photoshop skills to place him into the game he should be playing. Perhaps I will tire and have to resort to locking Jorge into his home and waiting for him in his bathroom. Let us see if he dares do such a thing; I can be quite persistent.

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  • What ending did Jorge get in SH2?

  • Ross Ingram

    I never understood all the hate The Room got. Love the term “Hiller”.
    Yes the escort mission can be annoying at times. The inventory system couldv’e been improved, 10 keys take up the same space as 10 weapons.
    But it brough back the fear of combat, unlike the other 3 which had plenty of guns and bullets, because of the bigger focus on melee weapons. What they did with apartment was genius, and genuinely scary. I think it has one of the best final bosses of any Silent Hill.
    I played it at launch, and it was amazing. I didn’t play it again for quite a while, but when I returned to it I played it 3 times back to back to earn the 4 endings.

  • windice

    hahaha silent hill 4 is nice. the ghost make it scareyer. the story is kinda whatever but its still interesting.

  • Shane

    Seriously? another post trying to defend what SIlent Hill has failed at all these years? Jill is and forever will be much more of a classic character then any Silent Hill character. Just….just stop trying and accept Silent Hill is the stale formula it has become while Resident Evil continues to evolve.

    • I said Silent Hill has symbolism unlike Resident Evil. Silent Hill is a series about psychological horror not organic horror. Did I say that was bad? No. You’re getting upset over nothing. This is a fun post between friends. Entertainment.

      But if you INSIST on making this a fanboy argument (Which it isn’t and never was intended to be, because playing more games is only a good thing…and won’t detract anything from your current gaming preference) here:

      LOLEVOLUTION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xuXkVzBdJQ

      Was that enough for you to justify yelling on the internet because people don’t like things that you do (and I do like RE)?

      • Benjamin May


        Seriously though, I personally love both series – Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I suppose which one I play depends upon what sort of mood I’m in. I think both series’ have their advantages and disadvantages.

        • Exactly…but people want to always pick a side and hate the opposition. I want RE6 badly. It’s sure to be really fun and much better than RE5.

          If I want “holy shit that thing mutated and is ugly; I gotta kill it!” horror then I go RE.

          If I want “holy shit, I’m fucked up in the head and I gotta kill it (I think)” I’ll play SH.

          Play all the games. Enjoy things.

          • I’m with you I enjoy all the Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, and Dead Space games. I like them all for different reasons. They are all great and unique in their own way.

          • I agree with you I like both Silent Hill and Resident Evil. I like them both for different reasons and they are unique in their own way.

          • Perfect way to explain it!! I’m an avid gamer and RE and SH have always been top notch. How can people compare the two? Completely different takes on the horror genre. They both have their ups and their downs. Personally, I prefer SH more, but I enjoyed the fucked up-ness more than anything. I look for games that can mess with my mind and my emotions. SH has always been best at that. Doesn’t anything away from the RE gameplay though. 🙂 Good luck, I hope you succeed in getting your EIC to play through The Room at least once. It is well worth it.

  • deadboytk

    The Room is my second favorite Silent Hill.

  • I’m pretty sure I saw your name on the Silent Hill Downpour ending credits.

  • Shane

    Well it is hard to know if your being serious when it seems all the articles Silent Hill based seem to try and insult the Resident Evil series.

    By the way, what I ment from evolution of a series is the game mechanics. Which is what RE is constantly doing and RE6 has the most interesting third person control scheme I have ever seen.

    I do like Silent Hill, my Silent Hill 2 special edition I got years ago is a important part of my collection.

    I guess what it all boils down to is my confusion as to why you had to even include Resident Evil in this post at all.

    • Because Jorge is the Resident Evil guy on ROH and I am the Silent Hill guy. I’m sure he wants me to experience more RE games and I want him to do the same 🙂

  • Shane

    Anyway, your right there is no need to spread it like a battle between the franchises, I do like Silent Hill and have them in my collection just to clear that up.

  • Henry must be the most innocent character in the series. Even though he was the last sacrament. Wasnt much of experimentation but boy critics hated it but what do they know.


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