Umbrella Corps multiplayer already dead on PC

Got Dayum.

While my hopes for Umbrella Corps. (the multiplayer cover-based shooter set in the Resident Evil universe that released today on PS4 and PC) weren’t especially high, I’m kind of floored by the numbers coming out of Steam. Again, the game came out today, it’s not even 24 hours old yet, and (according to Steam Charts) the game peaked on Steam with only 428 players. Holy shit. It’s currently sitting at only 181 players as of three hours ago and that’s still dropping. Those are staggeringly awful numbers. To not even break a thousand seems like it must be breaking some sort of record for the Resident Evil franchise. The game is also getting very negative reviews on Steam (only 43% of the 98 reviews submitted so far were positive) with people siting broken controls, muddy textures, terrible FOV, and worse as their issues with the game.

We’re going to be bringing you our full thoughts on the game later in the week, but this really doesn’t bode well for the game having any kind of future despite its low price-point and promise of free DLC. I guess releasing the competitive shooter RE game only a week after you debuted the hard-core horror RE game wasn’t the best route to go. We’ll let you know how we feel soon.

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  • Tvirus Getz

    game looked like utter trash from what i saw of it

  • gantarat

    maybe people go work ?

  • Yudha

    I was about to buy this… Guess it’s safer to wait 1-2 more weeks eh?

    • gantarat

      well,the reception this game after play it’s kind of mix (meh-okay)

      depend on the person,i guess

  • SecretX

    They should just make RE Mercenaries 3D Part 2 Since it has a better response from fans than RE Operation Raccoon City and this game.

    • gantarat

      imagine RE 6 Mercenaries with all RE Character and Location and B.O.W.s

    • Tvirus Getz

      at least ORC utilized the BOW angle
      UC? not so much, from what I’ve seen it’s just poorly down third person shooting with a handful of zombies thrown in for decoration

      • gantarat

        most people complain camera is too close character (japan like this camera style ?) and brainer is too overpower (one hit kill )

  • Trent Moar

    Another Operation Racoon City failure is all I see it in my eyes.

    • Scott

      Which makes it all the more amusing that they would even waste a penny on something like this. Any talent they had on this development team was completely wasted on a game that will be completely forgotten in the next month.

  • Matej Klucka

    Honestly what did you people expect? This game looked like trash after first trailer and it makes ORC look like treasure. Its still a bit fun if you can find a game on steam.

  • LoveAnimation

    I guess this and Resident Evil 6 probably will teach Capcom that people want the Resident Evil games to only be horror games.

    • gantarat

      Problem is “Quality” not because “it’s Actions Games”

      • LoveAnimation

        For Action games both Resident Evil 5 and 6 are awesome quality games to me.

  • Henrikm

    The Mercenaries I still like the most is actually from RE3…maybe because it somewhat diffrent in some aspects.

    It was both fun and tense to pick one of your favorite merc running around in zombie infested streets of raccoon city.

    Trying to reach and rescue survivors in time.

    If one succeed one got bonus time(I think) and or weapon/health item..Failed to find the survivor yealds in a undead enemy instead.

    That I would love to see a version of but longer and larger..

    A small thing like trying to rescue or evac survivors would be diffrent then just go out and blast everything you see only.

    • Scott

      Nemesis did have a fantastic Mercenaries mode. I honestly really enjoyed Re6 mercenaries too, I feel the controls (while sloppy) were really a good fit for that mode. They feel awful in the main campaign but did wonders for Mercenaries mode. The No Mercy addition was awesome too. Tense as hell!

      Can’t wait to see how No Mercy holds up in Re5 Re-release for Ps4.

  • Erhe R.

    Releasing your game at the same time as summer sale was the bad idea.

    • Scott

      Releasing this at all was a bad idea. Waste of time and resources.

  • Ne7eRMinD

    Low price point? Umbrella Corps should be F2P with that quality

    • Scott

      For real– I’ve seen mobile games that look and play better.

  • Scott

    Honestly, the game looks really bad to me. I watched someone play it on YouTube for like 10 minutes and had seen enough. Yet another pointless spin-off to a franchise that doesn’t need anymore spin-offs. Enough, Capcom!

  • Andy

    The game looks really boring and shit.

  • Andy

    Also these types of games just give the series a bad name.


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