The Last of Us Sequel outed?

So it might not be the concrete evidence that fans have been looking for, but a Linked-In page may have just outed the sequel to the biggest game of last year (and again this year).

A lead character artist for both Uncharted and The Last of Us has updated his resume.  Michael Knowland listed work on both the original The Last of UsUncharted 4, then The Last of Us 2, in which he worked for one month prototyping head sculpts.  The resume also stated that Knowland left in April 2014 and is now working on Just Cause 3.

A sequel to The Last of Us had been mentioned before by Naughty Dog, but had never really been confirmed.  Are you interested in a sequel?


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  • Space Blizzard

    It’s pretty much 100% certain that there’ll be a sequel to The Last Of Us, that game was a commercial and critical smash hit. The only question is when we’ll see anything of it. Personally I’m predicting the very earliest would be some kind of non-gameplay reveal at next year’s E3, this game will probably be in development for a long time.

  • Henrikm

    I dont know if I want a sequel. Dont get me wrong Last of Us is a superb game and it ended somewhat in bleak ending I liked that.

    I wonder where they can go with a sequel?

    I doubt Ellie would be on good terms with Joel.
    She was ready to sacrifice herself for mankind he was not ready to give her up.

    • Carl Johnson

      They’ve already said that a sequel wouldn’t feature Joel and Ellie. To quote Neil Druckman, “I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey of Joel and Ellie go on it ends with this game.”

      • Jeremy Kaminski

        I’d love to see a game with a different city and story but maybe possibly have the new protagonist(s) encounter Joel and Ellie on their journey. Or maybe an entire new game but then future DLC with a nice 6 or 7 hour game revolving around something within the 20 years we missed involving Joel, maybe the things that happened right after the prologue of the first game or something. I dunno, I just really like Joel and would like to see him a little bit. Either way, with how Uncharted 4 looks I am expecting to be completely mind blown when we finally see some footage of a TLOU sequel.

  • Thomas

    ……. a succesful game gets a sequel, im shocked…….

  • Henrikm

    As Carl said a new story could work but would not like too see a direct sequel to first one.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    If it’s different main characters I can live with that. I thought the first one was ok, but it was a seriously overrated game. Despite that I look forward to Matango 2..I mean The Last Of Us 2


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