Silent Hill Revelation 3D home release dated

Silent Hill Revelation 3D  is set to hit stores on February 12th, 2013. The film will release in three different retail versions: 3D Bluray Combo Pack, 2D Bluray Combo Pack, and basic DVD. Digital download versions will also be available on the same day. Preorders are currently open on Amazon.

Sadly, this announcement comes with no news on the releases’ potential bonus features. Hopefully director Michael J. Bassett’s past tweet about an audio commentary suggests that we will see one as a special feature–deleted / extended scenes would be nice as well.

While I did not enjoy my time watching Silent Hill Revelation 3D, I am looking forward to picking this release up. Yes, fanboy compulsion requires me to buy this even though I disliked the film, but I’m hoping that some bonus features and a re-watch will tone down the immense disappointment that I had after I left the theater some weeks ago. I don’t think that I’ll ever say that Revelation is a good film but accepting its goofiness will definitely help me enjoy it in some ways.


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  • petrol

    I will never understand people who buy movies that they did not enjoy.

    • As a collectors thing. I actually have a very limited physical film collection. Have only one bluray as well (Which happens to be Silent Hill). I prefer to just rent / Netflix.

    • Sess

      Because it’s a part of us; we don’t give up on something we love.

  • netherregions

    I hope the UK gets different box art. We did with the first SH movie so *fingers crossed*

  • Xander

    The movie at least broke even, so another film isn’t impossible. I didn’t hate the movie, but I did dislike a few things.
    On topic, though, this comes out the day before my birthday. Yay!

  • Koulamatata

    Really didn’t think I’d like this movie.
    But I loved it.

    So excited that the Blu-Ray release is just around the corner so I can give it another watch at long last.

  • I blink and kind of missed the cinema release which pissed me of. It was only there for a week in the uk. So glad the Blu ray and dvd is out soon and Unlike retribution i do plan on getting it on release date. It has to be better then that.

  • ariessiren

    terrible acting, terrible script, cringe worthy lines and no character development. one of the most sloppiest films ive seen in awhile. this made the 1st film seem oscar worthy

    • Koulamatata

      The oscars are rigged anyway. Lol.

      The Kings Speech? Really?


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