Silent Hill Play Novel translated by fans, now available for play

The Silent Hill Play Novel, a lesser known Silent Hill title made for the GBA, has been translated by Silent Hill fansite Alchemilla Hospital. The game, which is a retelling of the events of the first game in the Silent Hill series (with some differences), never released outside of Japan, so it has been something of a lost treasure to fans. Translated by Toby Normoyle and reworked for translated play by Amy, owner of Alchemilla Hospital, the Silent Hill Play Novel is finally available to English speaking fans.

The game can either be played on the site or downloaded. The game is still in the process of being updated for further improved performance. Currently it’s in early beta; look for the full, complete version in the future.


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  • I actually wrote a story that features Andy. It takes place after the events of Silent Hill 3. It used to be on the Restless Dreams forum. I need to go back through and update it….then find a place to post it.

    • sas_the_virtuous

      Looking forward to reading it!

  • rem

    I may play it later (I have to start somewhere)


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