Silent Hill Book of Memories receives update, DLC incoming (Update: some exclusive screens)

Upon loading up Silent Hill Book of Memories, players will now notice that the game is prompted with an update. The 1.01 update is 339MB and mentions several fixes and improvements. One improvement listed is a change to the singleplayer death system. I’m sure loads of people will be happy about that. Book of Memories can be a very tough game. Hopefully I can procure the list of fixes and changes so we can know what to expect.

Upcoming DLC is outed with this patch as well. The DLC seems to add 11 new weapons, 2 rooms, 14 artifacts, 15 notes, and 6 enemies. There’s currently no word on when the DLC is expected to arrive, but seeing as how the PlayStation store updates today, perhaps we’ll see the DLC sometime tonight. It’s a nice surprise seeing a Silent Hill game receive some extra attention from Konami, even if their patches are known to be pretty late. I still enjoy Book of Memories so some tweaks and new content is very appreciated. I’ll pass down an inquiry to Konami to find out when the DLC is expected to go live.

Update: Konami has sent over 5 exclusive screenshots for me to post. Check it out! We have a Princess Heart costume, a pillow weapon (LOL James), a weaponized Television a la Origins, and 2 new scare rooms. Still no word on when the DLC will actually release.

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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Wow haven’t touched that game for a while

    • Ross Ingram

      Me either. Nearly finished it. Then stopped all of a sudden. -(°~°)-/

      • CJ Melendez

        You guys are not true fans.

        • Ahmad Al-Hamily

          Yep XD

      • Ahmad Al-Hamily

        yeah, I finished the game but then again, I haven’t really played video-games since I was done from BoM story’s story mode.

  • Patrick

    Haven’t picked it up. Is it worth getting? Other than SH nostalgia I mean.

  • Brady White

    MY EYES! D: IT BURNS! D: *sighs* I still need to buy a vita….

  • Donald Tonello

    Wow so the update is messed, I died, it saved my map locations but ALL my items are gone!

    • Aviel

      You go back to where you died and pick up what you dropped.