Silent Hill BoM launch trailer, NA demo out Oct 2nd

During last nights Gamers Night, Konami released both a launch trailer, some screenshots, and information regarding the Silent Hill Book of Memories North American demo. I’m actually quite surprised to see a new trailer. Hopefully this is a sign of things changing at Konami headquarters. Book of Memories seems like a fine game; market it!

The North American demo for the game will be releasing on October 2nd, a week after the European demo went live. If you’re like me who factory reset his Vita just to play it early, then you probably didn’t have the patience to wait a few days anyway. At least now you won’t need to jump through any loops to get the demo.

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  • ariessiren

    im looking foward to it. i love the vita and this should be a great game for the system and using the NEAR feature should always provide fellow players to play with.

  • Koulamatata

    Sweet. Guess i’m getting my demo afterall.

  • FIY


    • FYI

      also Y U SO BAD

      • Nick

        Did you give yourself a thumbs up?

        • Koulamatata

          All the cool kids do it.

          • Nick

            So youre saying he is cool? I say he is forever alone

          • Koulamatata


    • Are you really back to using a different account name to make troll posts, Nuetron15?

  • Nick

    Same day as RE6? not really a smart move Konami XD

  • PHeart

    I’m mostly for this game. The demo is fun…

    But a rock golem? I know its a dungeon crawler, but why involve tabletop style monsters? It’s not DND.


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