Shadows of The Damned launch trailer

Shadows of the Damned releases tomorrow, and like any game, a launch trailer has been released to give us one last look before we get our hands on it. The trailer is a bit more serious than the last and shows off some new scenes.

I for one can’t wait to play as a cheesy-punk-Mexican demon hunter. A Robert Rodriguez style interpretation of Dante’s Inferno sounds great. I know it’ll deliver. Look for our review sometime soon!

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  • Elyssa

    Very cheesy, very punk inspired, very, VERY awesome looking. Definitely picking this up tomorrow & looking forward to your review.

  • SHFandemon

    The music at the beginning of the trailer is fantastic. A typical Akira Yamaoka theme. It could work very well with Silent Hill. Hopefully the game will be as good as the music.

  • I won’t be doing the review, but we will have one!

  • KoRnCreep

    Damn my stores still dont have it!

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