See how Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 features the largest orchestra ever used in a video game

Music is one of the main components in any Castlevania game. You may not think a certain entry in the series is your favorite, but you’ll be sure to find a tune that you’ll really love.

The original Lords of Shadow took a different approach to the series’ beloved music. It utilized a more Hollywood-flavored approach, while still retaining those eerie sounds to bring the gothic atmosphere to life. Mirror of Fate went towards the darker side when it came to sound, making for an amazing modern soundtrack in the series with standout pieces. Lords of Shadow 2 looks to up the ante, and in the video below you can see how.

To compose the upcoming game’s soundtrack, Oscar Araujo recorded in Abbey Road Studios working with the largest orchestra ever feature in a video game production. From the samples of tracks we’ve already heard, we can already see how it’s going to be another memorable collection of music, that will help tell the story of Dracula’s quest to rid his immortality.

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