Resident Evil Revelations 2 release pushed back


The February release for Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been delayed.  Over at the Capcom blog, Brett Elston explains that the Capcom team is working on some fine tuning.  Not quite sure what kind of last-minute tuning needs to be done, but the delay is not huge.

The delay will only affect the first episode – none of the other releases in the episodic release will be affected.  Here’s a handy chart!

In an effort to make the wait not so unbearable (not that it really was in the first place), we also get to have a look at some new videos showing off a few of the monsters that were revealed earlier this month.

It’s refreshing to see Capcom going back and making sure that the game is fit for release.  The less broken games in 2015, the better.


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  • franky mcdonald

    I guess i can wait for more fine tuning on Donald Pleasencs performance.

  • Mr.Csquared

    Even thought it is one week, it sucks it’s getting delayed. But as the optimist I am, I do feel this will be worth the wait. I think the game is gonna be great and I appreciate Capcom is making sure the game is polished up and finished for us to enjoy.

  • I’m just going to wait for disc.

    • Liam Mountain


  • Andy

    Wow that sucks.


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