Resident Evil Revelations 2 intro has some seriously forced smiles (Update: Now in English)

Update: English language trailer added.

The four-minute introduction for Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been revealed. The trailer is in Japanese, and I personally have no idea what they are saying, but you can still see what is happening, even though there is an awful lot of talking.

The introduction starts off with a Terra Save commercial, with what looks like some of the most forced smiles in the world.  Toothpicks lodged in mouths have produced more natural-looking smiles.  The scene then shifts from commercial-like video to a familiar looking party scene, where we’re introduced to this game’s rendition of Claire Redfield, along with Moira Burton.  A gentleman steps up to Claire and calls her away, showing what looks like a guest book.  There are a few names scratched out, however some familiar names are on the page.

Things get dark at about the 3 minute mark when the party is ended rather abruptly.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will release February 17 for Sony consoles, and February 18 for all other platforms.  Let’s hope that Capcom can keep a lid on the rest of the game, so we don’t know everything about it prior to being able to play it.  Seeing as how about 90% of the comments on the video’s YouTube page have to do with it, let’s hope that fan fury surrounding Claire’s appearance has also died down by then.


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  • Mohammad A. Fikree

    Hmm… I guess Gina will be the Racheal of Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

    • gantarat

      or cousin ?

    • Adrian Comeau

      Thompson? Ark?

  • gantarat

    So She got kidnapped from party too ?

  • Carl Johnson

    Well, Claire’s face does look kind of weird in some of those shots.

  • EvilResident

    Blaugh when are we going to hear Claire’s English voice!? I wish the focus was more on that than her appearance. She looks just fine! But if they’re gonna replace Alyson Court, they’d better do a good job!!!

    • MassDistraction

      You can hear Claire’s English voice in the many gameplay videos out there. The new actress sounds just fine.

      • EvilResident

        I hadn’t watched any of them cuz I didn’t want it spoiled, but now I have. Yeah, she sounds fine.

  • Demi

    From the little I understood of it, Claire and Moirah just met or, the reunion is to promote Claire in her job? Because Moirah calls her Claire Redfield-sempai then it says that it sounds good, Claire says they are friends so no need to formalities.

  • Megan Schneider

    At least the RE facebook page has an english version. The voice actress they chose for Claire isn’t terrible at least. She looks and sounds older. I think it fits her.

    I guess Moira isn’t fond of her dad? She calls him by his first name.

    • Dfs

      That’s probably an american thing. In the Japanese version according to some people, she calls him dad.

      • Megan Schneider

        I believe most of the humans here in America call their fathers dad or father or however they grow up. If you listen to her tone of voice she’s angry with Barry about something that happened.

        • Dfs

          Don’t forget that the main character here represents the typical american brat. This is probably the Japanese perception of how a typical american insolent brat would refer to his/her father.

  • Andy

    I think the whole game looks ugly as hell and not appealing at all.

    • Liam Mountain

      you wont be playing it then will you ?

    • EvilResident

      The entire game is $25. I don’t know what one would expect from a budget title.

      • Mohammed Ghoneim

        Don’t take him seriously, he’s been hating on Resident Evil everywhere on the Internet 😛

        • Liam Mountain

          Yeah I know lol He’s weird.

  • Patrick

    I’m usually the last person who would complain about a new RE game, but the animation and character models in this video are terrible. It’s like they don’t care anymore about the quality of the games.

    • John-Paul Conway

      The cutscenes in the revelations games just aren’t as appealing as the main series, most likely because they are pre rendered in Revelations and the Revelations games are cheaper to make

    • EliParker

      I think someone, somewhere said it the best that the RE game is like an AAA Indie game.

    • EvilResident

      If they were charging $60 for it, I’d be on board the complaintrain, but it’s not even half that. It’s clearly a low-budget game.

      I personally am extremely okay with that. It seems like they’re playing with the idea of a horror-themed, lower budget spinoff series. I guess we’ll see where the future takes us.

    • Megan Schneider

      I’m still excited to see where this one takes the series. Claire has always been one of my favorites of the series. I was somewhat disappointed in the first Revelations. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be scared the oozing zombies or not. I think it looks better than the first Revelations, I know that one was a port from the 3DS.

  • Panzadolphin56

    Wow, the animation in that intro is terrible.

    I’m sort of interested though, nothing I’ve seen so far has left me with the feeling that capcom have really figured out where to go with the series but Revelations was a decent enough installment to make me want to give the sequel a chance.

  • Freehoxton

    Claire looks like Tobey Maquire

  • reptar

    the characters move so stiff in this video. I am thrilled Claire is back, but her bland outfit is such a bore. It reminds me of Helena’s 1st outfit, which I hated.

    I’m also glad Claire’s new VA sounds ok. Just puzzled why they didn’t reach out to her original VA who did Claire’s voice as recent as Degeneration.

    Hopefully this does well or Capcom will assume they can go back to focusing on action.

    I wish this was out for WiiU, but I’ll probably pick it up for PS4


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