Second title update for Resident Evil 6 coming next week

The first title update for Resident Evil 6 granted players an ability that they wished they had from the onset of the game’s release: camera customization. Now, almost a month later, it’s time for the second — once again free — title update for the game.

Said update will go live on January 22, and it will bring the following changes:

Agent Hunt mode

-Now available without completing the game first
-Selectable criteria before joining a session: Stage, Region, other settings like Infinite Ammo and Friendly Fire

Stage Selection

-Individual stages within chapters can be accessed any time once completed

General updates

-QTE assist: Players can optionally activate QTE assist from Amateur difficulty inside any other difficulty level (handy for fighting a certain boss at the end of Leon’s campaign on Professional…)

-Some areas have had their difficulty adjusted based on feedback

Are you looking forward to any of these features? At this point, I’m ready to see what Capcom has cooking for a new DLC scenario. Come on, you know it has to happen!


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  • handsomejack47

    At this point, Capcom NEEDS DLC episodes with the characters the players want. I was surprised by how fast RE6 burned out.

  • Neutron15

    needs more dlc characters and chapters

  • ariessiren

    love the new camera!!!

  • Blue

    A new Claire campaign DLC will come out that has Barry featured in it. Didn’t hear it from me.

    • Grif

      Unless you can provide any evidence, I’m gonna have to call bullshit.

  • sas_the_virtuous

    I’ve completed all chapters as Helena and doing my final run as Leon and
    having played through Ada’s campaign countless times I believe what
    would benefit the game is NOT getting any ammo pick-ups from enemies as
    it was in the classic RE games. No mattter how carefree I am shooting
    bad guys and no mattter the difficulty each time my inventory literally
    burst at the seams because of ammo overload (the only exceptions being
    the final fight with Simmons). I wonder who would ever need the skill
    which increases the pick-up rate… I remember I would count the bullets
    I had with each next playthrough of the classic RE games knowing where
    it is and how to spend it. Such a solution would also encourage players
    to explore the limited environment so that the feeling of running from
    point A to point B may be dispelled. Such an update would do for me!

    • That’s how I played my initial run as Leon. On pro, Didn’t pick up ammo or health dropped by enemies, didn’t use melee attacks, didn’t move and shoot, etc. Still didn’t feel too much like a resident evil

  • Just014

    I Don’t need this is kind of change I want new DLC scenario and like some one said remove the pick up items from ennemie. Who care about the agent Hunt or stage selection after 3 – 4 months that players already complete all the campaigns. Its easy for capcom to make those easy change for nothing, thats why it’s free cause it’s stupid un-need-it change.

  • eledhrim

    Christ, people. CAPCOM are working on new DLC episodes, but they take a while to develop. Even if they didn’t have anything other than these patches in the pipeline, I’d be fully satisfied with RE6.

    Aside from L4D2, RE6 is still the only game I’m playing regularly. I’m stood nearly at 200 hours and can’t stop playing; the campaign, no less! Even if people don’t like the game, they need to acknowledge the work and effort CAPCOM put into the game and the vast amount of content readily available for them.

    Unlike Activision or EA, they didn’t just bolt a recycled multiplayer component in to artificially lengthen the game. That alone is something to be admired, and a 20 hour or so linear campaign is hardly done nowadays.


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