Rumor: Resident Evil: Downfall leaked announcement?

It’s time again folks for the rumor mill! Digital Spy recently reported that there was going to be a collection coming at the end of the year for the Nintendo 3DS, which would include the two CG Resident Evil films, Degeneration and Damnation, together in 3D. However, in an interesting twist, the collection would also actually come with a game titled, “Resident Evil: Downfall”, which would star Claire Redfield between Resident Evil 5 & 6, who would witness humanity’s downfall. Possibly could be a miniature type game like the Resident Evil: Degeneration game that released for phones? The collection would tentaively be called “Resident Evil 3D – Degeneration, Damnation, Downfall”. Get it? It’s a pun since they all start with D, and there’s three… Yeah, you get it.

It was quickly taken down and neither Capcom or Digital Spy are commenting on it. If it’s indeed real, it would probably be announced at E3, which happens on June 5th-7th. We’ll keep you updated if this turns out to be true.


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    thay sould just make a fucking real RE game no morre bs like 4 and 5.

    • If you mean the classic style, it is very doubtful that will happen. Revelations is likely the closet you’ll get, or potentially Leon’s scenario in the upcoming Resident Evil 6.

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      RE4 was a great game compare to RE5 but very doubtfull that the classic style will return in the main games but eventualy it still is possible for it to return in sequel games.

    • TrueAnakin09

      Classic won’t sell anymore. It’s a last generation concept and technology has evolved to the point where it is neither needed nor wanted.

      • LaughingMan008

        Ahh, yeah, it IS wanted. Me and all my friends want it. Ide buy it! Im sure as hell not buying any of the newer games.

        • thatresidentevilfan

          you and your friends are fucking retards

          • Let_Me_Live

            Classic RE is the best! As much as I did enjoy RE4 and even RE5 to some extent.. the horror was lost. And that’s what RE is about at the end of the day – its a survival “horror” game. So bring back the horror already!

        • windice

          i want it too but what i dont want is bad controls. wich is what revelations was trying to do. trying to bring back the old horror but without the bad controls. it was mostly successful.

  • Please, please be real, I just want Claire!

  • Hmm. Sounds interesting.

  • liam

    well I hope claire gets something !

  • Let_Me_Live

    AAaaaaaaaargh!!!!!! STOP bringing main RE titles onto the 3DS!! Claire is one of my fav characters and it’s doing her a disservice sticking her on a hand-held.

    • TrueAnakin09

      The worst part is that the 3DS is going to be just like the Wii where anything that originates on the platform will NEVER be ported to anything else. If other versions were being released I wouldn’t care if the 3DS got something but that’s not the case. Worse, I’m convinced Nintendo planned all this. Some guy saying “Hm… well we can’t compete conventionally with the likes of Sony and Microsoft so let’s just build a whole company on exclusives. We’ll use Motion Controls and 3D so that we can monopolize whole games and franchises!” There’s no middle finger big enough for you Nintendo.

      • Tvir5usgtz

        You’re an idiot. It’s called business. If you don’t have any exclusives, what reason is there to buy your console? It’s a sound technique and it’s not like Nintendo is the only one to do it.

        • Tvirusgtz

          And in fact, it’s most likely not even Nintendo who has made this decision. Capcom makes the games. It’s their call what they come out on.

        • TrueAnakin09

          Nintendo is the king of exclusives. And yes there would be a reason to buy someone’s console if they don’t have exclusives. I bought a 360 because I played the original Xbox, and it was a good piece of hardware, and had an internet service that didn’t crash 10 times a year. There you go, it’s called quality competition, not monopolizing. If you got rid of all exclusives then companies would have to focus on quality or steadily sink into ambiguity.

      • Andy H.

        3DS is selling really well + Capcom loves money = Capcom releases titles on 3DS

        Shocking isn’t it.

        • OKeijiDragon

          Except Mega Man Legends 3. =P

      • Ariessiren

        thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard. unless you have played the 3ds, which is amazing, you have no idea what your missing. i dismissed handheld gaming until the 3ds. it was my first portable, and i can barely play in 2d anymore. its that good and revelations looks like a ps3 title its that beautiful. the 3d is essential in the game.

        • TrueAnakin09

          It must be great for those of you who don’t get headaches with prolonged exposure to artificial 3D.

          • MatrosRx

            Umm you can turn 3D off… And, like in Revelations, it means that the extra horsepower that is used to run 3D is instead used to make the graphics better. So stop being silly.

          • Ariessiren

            no headaches here. dont hate because you dont have one

          • TrueAnakin09

            Oh, I just don’t want one. But hey, if you’re willing to donate a 3DS I’ll gladly take it and play Revelations. But $170 + $40 = Too much for one game.

        • Let_Me_Live

          Actually I have played the 3DS but it’s just not for me. Sorry, but nothing beats the big screen. I just don’t find the small screen immersive enough and I think a character as well loved deserved a proper storyline on one of the main consoles.

      • Mr. Crazy Gamer Lazy Pirate

        Micosoft diserves the mittle finger, all they care about is money not Customers concerns witch lead to my Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 having problems, I couldn’t connect to any wifi or ehternet, And my xbox360 stopped working al togeather.
        But MORE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THE TANK CONTROLS THE VENTAGE FAVORATES HAVE, trust me there, I played and completed Resident Evil 2 Dual Schock vers. Claire and Leon’s Story and Resident Evil 3: Nimmises, Only dislikes for resident evil 2 is that the story’s are short and tank controls , Even with resident evil HD and Residnet Evil Zero remaster, Better graphic’s Poor old skool Tank controls, Me and 200 out out a billion players and I was born in 2000 so I’m the only female in this era who can play with Tank controls and loves vintage games.
        Resident Evil 3 Likes was it’s the only resident evil that lasted lomger then any resident Evil game I played, including Resident Evil VII.
        I like how you played as differnt Protagonist in Resident Evil 0-3 and Seven.
        Resident Evil revelations was attempting to bring back the old days horror but couldn’t do it with the prosessors of the older game consoles and data disc they had, But Resident Evil Seven was a very good game, Do enimies Incountered was low but my thrill was being cased around a house I was trasspassing in and kidnapped in by physcopathic maniacs trying to kill me moat of the game, also brought back puzzels like locating Items and keys like in resident evil 1,2 and 3.
        Never played Zero so can’t really say much on it.
        But a few zombies was in the game, that wasn’t anything much terrorfying as those maniacs who used a chiansaw to cut my hand off and used a snow shoval to ampitate my left foot, f——g maniacs, The first person prospective is what help ne want to become more involved it to.

    • Ariessiren

      you obviously havent played revelations. the game is gorgeous and the 3d is so amazing. its a top notch game and pretty scary. it belongs on the 3ds and sold really well

      • TrueAnakin09

        Revelations is the only title on the 3DS I want to play. Why drop money for a platform I’ll only use for one game?

        • Ariessiren

          thats completely your loss. your the one missing out because your closed minded.

          • TrueAnakin09

            Don’t understand how that’s closed minded. Interest is a matter of personal preference, and spending $210 to play one game is ludicrous.

    • HopefulClaireFan

      At least by bringing it to 3DS, CAPCOM will have more freedom to explore and experiment with the horror element instead of restricting themselves to the sub-par “Call of Duty” rip-off standard so they can profit in the “jaded 15-year-old dudebro” market that unfortunately dominates most of PS3 and 360’s sales.

  • tigerspaw

    I hope she gets a full game on 3DS.

    I didn’t care for the first CG RE film, so I definitely would only pick this up if the game was worth it and of course of Claire really did finally return!

  • Danfromumbrella

    Seems doubtful that it’d be released on 3ds… Both those resident evil movies are published by sony……..-_-

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      Doesn´t mean that they can´t work together either.

  • Ariessiren

    i hope this is true. claire was my first resident evil experience. i played code veronica first, then the others so i would love to play her again. shes my fave.

  • Ariessiren

    dont get me wrong i love jill, but claire is just more human and fleshed out. she rocked in re:cv and re2. very empathetic. i always missed her and preferred her and chris over leon. leon’s hair is god awful

  • Zaniack

    They have to have another game with Claire and should base it between 5 and 6 and i think the 7th (even though the 6th is not out) should have Claire and Jill

  • Cthulhu Calls

    I hope this is real. I do like Claire as a protagonist (though Jill is better). She seems to be missing from Resi 6 (so far) so it would be nice to have her in a starring role again. Here is hoping Barry is in it too!

    Not seen Degeneration or Damnation either so that would be a bonus.

  • Beards Nevence

    Why can’t Capcom make an original RE title for Vita?

    • Wyrmking

      Because Vita sucks and no one is buying it. I work at Target and not one Vita has sold since it was shipped it the store! FAIL! LMAO! You Vita fans need to stop asking.

      • Ariessiren

        vita is just too expensive plus you have to buy a memory card. 3ds comes with internal memory and a 2 gig card. much better value and the 3d is stunning. if the vita dropped to 199.00 it might sell better.

  • cool!! im so getting this 😀
    i love my 3ds

  • windice

    i luved revelations so i would realy like it if this happened. plus revelations did so well cpcom was thinking about making another game for the 3ds so maybe this is it. if it is ill be happy. and chill out sooner or later the game will get ported. it always does.

  • claireredfieldlover

    i want claire and jill….no claire and jill no re6 buyers ……boom!!.


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