Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer description


Those lucky enough to be in attendance at Tokyo Game Show got to see the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta, the upcoming animated film that reunites Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, while bringing back Rebecca Chambers into the mix. That trailer won’t be made available to the public until September 18, but we do have a description of it that I was able to translate for you guys. (And we also have a pair of new screenshots which you can check out above and below!)


The trailer starts by showing Leon in a morgue. We then see Chris and some of his BSAA troops arriving at the mansion seen in the recent scanned images from Famitsu. As expected when it comes to Resident Evil and mansions, zombies show up! This then leads to the appearance of a mysterious scientist. The BSAA soldiers are attacked by the zombies and we then see Chris standing near one of his dead comrades in front of a burning building.

Aside from the trailer, the production team also took some time to discuss the film. They wanted to bring the series back to its roots with Vendetta, hence the mansion in the woods setting, and the zombies. And while Rebecca hasn’t been shown yet, it was revealed that she would be older, in her late twenties.

Stay tuned for more information!


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  • Yudha

    If previous rumor about Chris being in RE7 is true, then I really hope that that Vendetta has a direct connetion to RE7

    • Would be cool!

    • Judging by how the last movie tied in loosely with RE6, I’d say this is pretty much a given.

  • EvilResident

    I wonder if this’ll get a 3D release like Damnation. That Japanese import is a gorgeous disc with even better packaging.

  • I don’t think they could have chosen a more awkward frame of Chris for these promo stills lmao

    A little bummed that Rebecca still hasn’t made an appearance yet. I hope her involvement isn’t just a flashback.

    • Yudha

      Leon doesn’t changed much tho. Chris… nah he’s always different.

      • Alex

        Imagine if Chris still looked like he did on the longbox of RE1 for PS1.

        • I prefer Bara King Chris over scrawny burn victim Chris.

  • KT718

    “It was revealed that Rebecca would be older” I don’t know how she wouldn’t be

    • EvilResident

      Flashback or somesuch.

    • HEY! Excuse my wording lol.

      • KT718

        Lol no hate. Just thought it was funny.

  • Why do they both look like Spicy Latinos now?

    • EvilResident

      Color me disappointed with Chris. I’ve always found him remarkably attractive, but just this once, I’m on team Leon.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Late 20’s ? That doesn’t quite make sense.

    Again with the mansion thing. Lazy.

  • DeathNote81

    They ALWAYS want to bring the series back to its roots.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Oh for god’s sake we’re getting Chris salty about dead teammates AGAIN? In a Mansion recreation AGAIN?

  • Jonata

    So I’m guessing, new villain who gets kicked in the ass by Chris in the first part of the movie (ie. “the burning mansion” part) and then gets his revenge (hence, the title) on him and Leon while… they’re on vacation with Rebecca or something? Could fit in the mold of these CGi movies so far, mostly new villains with recurring main characters front and center.

    That being said, I hope it doesn’t fit the mold of the previous movies in setting up the next game. With RE7 being developed by a mostly western team like Operation Raccoon City (and being written by F.E.A.R’s writer), I consider it almost non-canon, so I hope there’s no mention of the Baker or anything else like that in Vendetta and we can keep following the actual main series with Revelations 3.

  • gasp

    Ugh. Leon again? I hate him so much just because he keeps appearing LOL. Give us someone different for once. Like bring back Billy or how about JILL >:C.

  • Daniel Donnelly
  • KePaZzzi

    Vendetta Chris actually looks like an older Buddy, though..

  • Andy

    Just saw it and it looks awesome!!


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