Resident Evil: Revelations – New Images!

Capcom has released new screenshots for Resident Evil Revelations.  Take a look below at these fresh images from the upcoming 3DS title and drool with anticipation.  This thing is taking entirely too long to come out, wouldn’t you agree?  There isn’t much to accompany this new information unfortunately, so we’re left to our wild imaginations to try to figure out what’s going on.  But this sure as hell isn’t The Love Boat, that’s for sure.

With files from EL33TONLINE

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  • thedovcreed

    hahaha lol what happened to chris!?
    he looks like Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield

  • I know, the hair is kind of weird, eh? Back when I guess he still cared about his hair and not just his massive biceps.

  • thedovcreed

    lol indeed
    just how far back is this game?

  • Mandalore

    I would rather see a RE6 announcement or a game for ps3 & xbob360 instead of this for DS. .

  • leonskennedy41

    man the graphics looks awesome and i liked the theme of the game
    there will be some surprises but the main question is,
    is this incident after RE 5 or before??

  • Jlws

    This looks nice i wish this was a ps3 game but looks like ill b payn that rediculous 3ds price

  • Well, I’d like to think that it happened before RE5, but it’s hard to say. **SPOILERS**Jill’s hair is dark…and there are probably loads of missions that happened before she ‘died’ in RE5.

  • Paul

    All these whiny PS360ers can go s*ck a ch*de. For once Capcom shows Nintendo some love…
    With the first actually scary RE since 2002. Maybe 2005. Depends on how scary you thought RE4 was.

    Seriously though, this looks to be the first over the shoulder RE that is actually scary.

    And no, Nintendo is not just for children FYI. Where would we be without No More Heroes, RE4, or MadWorld? Hm?

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  • adam

    THIS IS BULL SHIT! capcom sucks. the fan base is from the ps people. why are they putting these r-evil games only on the nintendo??? they are slapping the ps fans that bought every game and fallowed the story line through the years. we deserve the remaixes and treats too! atlest put it on all systems.


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