Resident Evil Revelations extended TGS 2011 trailer description, man tied to chair revealed

We’ve all already seen the TGS 2011 trailer for Resident Evil Revelations. But we haven’t gotten a chance to see the extended cut of said trailer yet. IGN was fortunate enough to have gotten the chance to, and they’ve provided a neat description of what this extended version of the Rachel-centric trailer adds to what we’ve already seen.

Not only does this new extended cut serve to bring forth new…revelations, but it also shows us what happened to Rachel near the end of the first trailer (right before we cut to the scene where Jill finds her). Basically, Rachel gets her ass kicked by one of the BOWs, and she’s described as being quite brutally beaten what with her being fiercely hit by the BOW’s spiked arm. But before this beatdown, that’s sure to finally fix Rachel’s obnoxious hair, we get to see something quite interesting. Through Rachel’s perspective, the scenery around her abruptly changes– in what’s most likely a hallucination of some sort. Could we be seeing hallucinations playing a role in Revelations? Seems likely and not totally out of the question. So, moving on.

IGN goes on to write that we actually get to see enemies that are not unlike the classic zombies we’ve come to know and love. This occurs when the gas-masked Veltro leader is seen roaming through the ship, searching for “something,” stopping to kneel beside a downed body. After injecting a syringe into said corpse’s neck, it suddenly comes back to life. BRAINS.

Then we cut to the closing scene in the TGS trailer we did get to see, where Jill reports to Parker that she’s found a survivor (Rachel). Though Jill doesn’t even both checking to actually see if Rachel’s alive, she just automatically assumes so and tells Parker. Way to go, Jill. Well, at least it ain’t as bad as when Rebecca asks Richard if he’s okay, when the poor guy has a huge opening in his chest, filled with poison (damn you, Yawn!).

The extended trailer ends with something really, really revealing (especially to those who thought this certain person was a clone). Right at the end we get to see that now familiar room where the man tied down to the chair is being held. The Veltro leader comes in and leans over the tied down man, who we find out is none other than Chris, telling him that “the show is about to begin.” Now, please release this extended trailer already, Capcom.



  • Petrol

    omg the Chris with Jessica has to be EVIL! :O or I dunno… All I’m hoping for is the next “revelation” is about Rachel’s hair xD

  • Daniel Gasparini


    That’s what I’m talking about!

  • kman

    so who is the other guy?

  • Resguy

    Didn’t you guys know? Spencer made 13 Weskers AND 13 Chris.

  • Josh

    Oh wow. I might buy a 3DS JUST for this game! 2 Chris’s… possibly 3. What’s going on!?

  • Elyssa

    It always seemed obvious the guy in the chair was Chris (I mean come on, look at that hair, definitely the same style & color & also the structure of the face) so then does that mean it is a clone? Or possibly there’s another reason i’m just not quite understanding…

  • Elyssa

    Oh & if i’m not mistaken, I remember the guy tied in the chair (now proven to be Chris) sounded NOTHING like Chris & had quite an accent. What was up with that? Any ideas?

  • Ryan

    I can’t believe I guessed it before it all happened!!! I’m a genius!!

  • James

    Honestly, I am going to come out and say it but I think this game is going to be very disappointing.

    - The storyline looks boring
    - The characters look lame
    - It looks like the same old good guys seem to have the advantage yet they don’t situation
    - The mysterious girl on the radio looks lame and shouldn’t even be in the game

    The storyline looks like it’s going to get so much worse. I have no reason to buy this game at this point.

  • Scarlett


  • KoRnCreep

    Yeah I was right! Now I really want that game…

  • KoRnCreep

    Screw 3ds lame hardware I will be getting 3DS because of RE, I cannot miss a game that will somehow be connected with RE6 storyline.
    I think I can live without 2nd analog stick too…
    Maybe Nintendo releases different/better version of 3DS till RE release, who knows.
    3DS, PSVITA, a lot of upcoming games I need a bigger salary!

  • Matt

    listen to the guy in the chairs voice there is no way its chris or a clone

  • Sophie

    This trailer need to be out now =_= seriously I can’t wait to see what happen. Was Jill seeing things or were there really two chris?