Resident Evil Revelations Achievements/Trophies revealed

Back in late November, an HD version of Resident Evil Revelations for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was outed by Korea’s video game rating board. This sparked the interest of many Resident Evil fans who missed out on the game’s original release on the Nintendo 3DS. Hell, it also got fans who already own the game happy about an HD version for home consoles. But since then, Capcom hasn’t said a word about it.

Well, looks like an HD edition of Resident Evil Revelations is pretty much confirmed, thanks to its achievements/trophies being revealed. All that’s left now is for Capcom to pretty much “officially” confirm its existence. And judging by the release of its achievement/trophy listing this soon, I’m going to say that this HD edition will be out within a few months time.

Its unlikely for this to hit retailers as a disc-based release. But perhaps it will in Japan. For everyone else, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting a digital-only version through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. But I would love to be wrong on that.

Check out the achievement listing (the trophies will naturally be the same) by clicking the source link below!


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  • Slightly sad for me since I finally got this for 3DS on Christmas and completed it just to find out it’s being ported now. But I’ll still be buying the xbox360 version. Either way I look forward to this.

    • ariessiren

      playing it in 3D is the best thing about it. 3ds got the best of it

  • Come on Capcom and give us the disk release, I want to add this game to my Resident Evil section on my self. It already looks weird with the missing games due to digital only titles. I’ll probably get this game again, even though this was the only reason I got the 3DS in the first place.

  • Prima

    VERY amped. I got the game back when it released and totally was addicted . I’m very excited to see an HD port of this game and the fact we are going to receive a bunch of trophies/achievements to complete!!! This is the true evolution of a Resident Evil game. 🙂

  • manos17

    I’m very glad that Capcom finally heard us and made a full trophy list! ^-^

  • well i’m not getting this. i already have it for my 3ds and it’s fun taking it everywhere you go.i don’t really care about trophies. why does everybody get excited with trophies and HD? it hardly make a difference.

    • Turo

      It’s added replay value, and a bragging right.

  • Benjamin May

    I’m very curious as to whether Capcom will add co-operative play into the campaign. Don’t get me wrong, as an old-school fan I loved the isolation of the old games, but at the same time I cannot deny that co-operative play on the more recent games has been a hell of a lot of fun. Since Resident Evil Revelations features an A.I. controlled partner all the way through the game, I wonder if a second player would be able to take control of him/her for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version, in a similar manner to that seen in Resident Evil 6.

    • Grif

      I really doubt they’re doing anything other than a port with some higher res textures.

      • Benjamin May

        To be honest, I think you’re probably right. That’s pretty much all they did with Resident Evil 4. They made a bit more effort with Resident Evil Code Veronica with the lighting, but for the most part, it was pretty much just a straight port, and I daresay that will be the case with Resident Evil Revelations.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Hell yes. I don’t own a 3DS and I have been DYING to play this! Now if Animal Crossing could be released on my PS3 as well, my life would be complete. Sadly, that will never happen.

    • Animal Crossing is owned by Nintendo, so yeah, not gonna happen

      • ariessiren

        im pretty sure he knows that lol. it was a joke

  • Thomas

    Okay then we just need to have “RE REmake & RE 0” to be released as well…….

    No excuses…….

    • eledhrim

      Yes, because you can’t upscale pre-rendered background images to 1080p without a huge loss in image quality. CAPCOM would have to redo the backgrounds, which’d take quite a bit of work.

      • Thomas

        Like i said NO excuses…….

        • eledhrim

          Yes, that IS the excuse. If you can even call it that, it’s not even an excuse, it’s a valid reason. As they are, they can’t be upscaled to 1080p like CAPCOM did with RE4 and CV.

          • Thomas

            Fine fine have it your way your right and im wrong…….

  • Do you think they’ll use the vita as the inventory screen as a optional game play style and add lost in a nightmare or the Mercenaries game for the 3ds. Wishful thinking but it be nice.

  • SecretX

    There is a rumor going on, that the only reason their releasing this for xbox/ps3 is because capcom is making an exclusive Resident Evil game for the wii U. Now that i think about it Resident Evil games do well on Nintendo systems since everyone wants RE remake and 0 games.

    • Residentevilforgoodnesssake

      I would buy a Wii U solely for any Classic RE remake.

      Most of us that have been Resi fans since it started are grown ups (more or less) now with dorra that they need to cash in on.

  • GreekShadow

    Yay!I wanted to play it so much!

  • Atila Lopez

    OMFG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I’m so excited…

  • ariessiren

    this is great for all RE fans. its an incredible game. if you have a 3D tv and hopefully its 3D compatible for ps3/360, you need to play this. some of the enemies are really scary

  • Grif

    I know there’s going to be a lot of butthurt over this, but as far as gameplay and everything we have an hd revelations. It’s called RE6. Basically the same, god mode partner, walking straight ahead to a waypoint, bone dry on puzzles, pummel your enemies with bullets and run. The only difference is that it’s easier to render huge explosions on the xbox/ps3.

  • i hope we can use the PsVita as a controller so we can use the scanner in the game.

  • Henrikm

    Great never got one beacuse of the 3ds console.
    There was so many things I liked of what I saw in previews and reviews the what I though was the The Thing inspired envoirment with wolves/dogs etc.
    I guess I can finally play it myself now…
    If Capcom can do this.
    Can we hope for a Silent Hill Book of Memories too showing up on PSN or Xbox 360?


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