Resident Evil Outbreak petition amasses 10k signatures

The Resident Evil: Outbreak fan petition has been around for quite some time, several years in fact. I recall writing about it when I first began blogging and again when Operation Raccoon City started being teased. Despite years and years of no news or word from Capcom about the potential viability of the online spinoff series on current-gen online networks, the petition force is still going strong.

As of this week, the petition has finally hit 10K signatures, a goal set seven years ago. Now that the petition has met its goal, it has been sent to Capcom in hopes of showing how passionate and resilient Outbreak fans are. These ten thousand souls merely want Resident Evil: Outbreak to live on, either in the form of a true sequel, a remake, or re-release. The exact demands of the petition have evolved as it started in 2007 when a sequel might have been a possibility on the PlayStation 2. Since then, HD re-releases have become the norm, which is a great way Capcom could revive the series in one retouched package.

The first Outbreak game released in 2003 and was ahead of its time. The PlayStation 2’s online system was funky, and not many gamers utilized it. It is now 2014 and online gaming is accessible by most games. Even if it’s just an HD re-release, I’d greatly enjoy giving Outbreak another shot. Hopefully one day Capcom will answer the call.


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  • Cameron Rogers

    As much as I love Outbreak and want HD versions, these 10000 signatures took close to a decade to bring in. That isn’t nearly enough “Interest”. Many of these are most likely the same people signing twice or more over the years.

    Id love to see Capcom make an HD version of outbreak using a new online component, but I don’t see it happening. They already screwed up any chances of that with Operation Raccoon City.

    • Liam Mountain

      Plus out of those 10000 sigs how many of them will actually buy the game ? , Id love another game but this wont change anything.

    • Xave Smith

      idk i like the idea of a outbreak 3 personally i love resident evil but i like over the shoulder view way more then original horror side screening id be more into the thought if they remastered it from the ground up like what they “say they are doing a complete ground up reboot” of re2 witch i hope is true #ResidentEvil4Life

  • Logan Byers

    Well Outbreak is online again, so why not play it?

    • Gizmo

      maybe because i don’t own the japanese coppies of the game..

    • Cameron Rogers

      Only the Japanese version is online. This would essentially mean that everyone outside that country is either forced to import a PS2 from Japan along with the Japanese version, hack their console to play the japan version, or play it on PC.

      Id rather the english version be online.

  • Gizmo

    its about time 🙂 i love outbreak i hope dumb capcom will finally understand that we need outbreak file 3 or givin us back online gaming on file 2

    • bigevilworldwide

      I hope when “dumb” Capcom does nothing about it, people realize that taking 10 years to get 10,000 signatures isn’t enough interest to spend millions to develop a game

  • Scott Say

    So basically Capcom was just sent a letter that justifies not making a new Outbreak because of how little interest there is in it?

    • Carl Johnson

      10k guaranteed sales isn’t any higher than they’d expect with or without a petition. When it comes to sales, 10k is indeed very little interest.

  • I would love to have this come back as an arcade or PSN title. Hell, even Nintendo Network. Just as long as there are servers to play online.


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