Resident Evil HD Remaster announced

REmake HD

There were rumblings yesterday of a HD version of Resident Evil REmake coming to PS3/PS4/XboxOne/X360/PC, but today we get official confirmation from Famitsu.

The fan-favorite Resident Evil REmake from the Gamecube and Wii are getting the HD treatment, coming to the above listed platforms, the game will run at 1080p (on PC and current-gen consoles), and include 5.1 surround sound. Players can either play in 4:3 or 16:9 mode, and can choose ‘classic’ control scheme with tank controls, or a more modern ‘Analog’ control scheme that allows players to play with more modern controls.


In Japan, the game will be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 in 720p on November 27th. Other console releases shall hit in “early 2015”. American and Europe release dates haven’t announced, but are certain to be made public sometime soon.


We’ll bring you more on the remake of REmake when it comes around. You can see an interview for it below.


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  • Krauser

    HA HA HA !

  • Matt

    *high five*

  • Thomas


  • YES!

  • I’M ALL OVER THIS!!! Needed to happen!

  • Alex


  • Bulbatron

    This is amazing news! Been hoping to hear this news for years!

  • dakamurra


    • Mrox2

      Wrong !

  • dakamurra

    i think capcom is saying…” what?? mikami san its gonna launch the evil within?? we cannot let him!,, X8, lest just remaster his superevil masterpiece, RESDIENT EVIL and see who wins MUAJAJAJAJ XD = capcom developer LAUGH.

  • Anubis

    Just… wow. Capcom is actually going to get more of my money, after all.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      i Buying HD Remaster 5 tImes day 1
      1th Time: Japan PS3 Version / 2th Time: North America PS3 Version / 3th Time: North America PS4 Version / 4th Time: North America Xbox One Version / Final Time: North America Steam Version) this proves Longtime Fans knows good Resident Evil Games

  • Andrey Martim

    God is Real…

    • Mrox2

      God Answered all my wishes after all, this being one of them, and meeting with Jill Valentine I mean Julia Voth soon !

      • Andrey Martim

        All atheist should cry now LOL

        • Mrox2

          Oh yeah !

  • Owl

    Best news all day. Holy shit. Yay.

  • franky mcdonald

    I’ve often sat around and asked myself, why not make a 4:3 HD game? now wheres my RE4 4:3 HD remake.

    • Mrox2

      Lol, you made my day sir !! xD

  • Xuchilpaba

    YESSS!! I knew it.

    This is not an ordinary game for any true
    Survival Horror fan, it’s a cult classic and a legacy! Dictionary
    definition of Survival Horror at its purest and simplest form. I
    recommend it for every Resi player even if they aren’t Survival Horror

    I’m so ready right now!

  • Marco Zuniga


    • Mrox2

      “Stranger Stranger ! Now that’s a game !”

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My bet North America Launch Info following
    PS3, Xbox 360 Release Date: December 9 2014
    PS3, Xbox 360 Retail Priced: 39.99 Digital Priced: 29.99
    PS4, Xbox One, Steam Release Date: March 2015
    PS3, Xbox One. Steam Retail Priced: 49.99 Digital Priced: 39.99

    My bet Europe Launch Info following
    PS3, Xbox 360 Release Date: December 10 2014
    PS3, Xbox 360 Retail Priced: 39.99 euro 34.99 UK Digital Priced: 29.99 euro 24.99 UK
    PS4, Xbox One, Steam Release Date: March 2015
    PS3, Xbox One, Steam Retail Priced: 49.99 Euro 44.99 UK Digital Priced: 39.99 Euro 24.99 UK

  • John Perkins

    capcom is obviously testing the waters with the series…I think they are slowly going back to the roots. I’m totally all for this enhanced port especially with the new controls and if achievements are present. Good job Capcom.

  • John Perkins

    Also, Capcom needs to remake RE2 instyle of REmake- but we will probably just get a RE Zero port if this sells well…blah. It would be even BETTER if Capcom went back to this style with RE7…but with real time visuals not prerendered backgrounds.

    • Mrox2

      We need RE Zero first, I need to play it before this, come on CAPCOM, RE2 and RE3 REmakes need more work, we dont want it screwed, we need not just normal remakes but extended plots and scenarios, RE2/3 should be included as a whole game seeing RE2 Happens in the midst of RE3, if so then YES I’m all for that !

  • SecretX

    and no wii u version. BS capcom!

    • Guest

      because … will they can port the wii version or doesn’t it already work ? I guess it’s Nintendo’s fault for that and also for hoarding things 😀

      • Andy

        How is it Nintendo’s fault?

  • Andy

    It really doesn’t look that amazing from the screenshots. Maybe it’s just the screenshots. But it sucks it’s not coming to Wii U. Even though this was a GC and Wii exclusive. There really is no excuse for this to not be on Wii U. It’s not like it cost them that much money to remaster it and it’s not like it’s going to sell a lot on the other systems.

  • EvilResident

    HANDS DOWN my favorite game of all time. I have so many fond memories of skipping school to buy it.

  • Prima


  • killer89

    Ryan, remaster and remake aren’t the same thing, you know?

  • Nico Varela

    please tell me it will be available in latin america… im from argentina and I´m getting tired of being out


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