Resident Evil 7 could hit by 2015

At a recent briefing on their fiscal year 2011 financial results, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto told investors about the publisher’s plan to cut development time “to develop major titles from the usual three to four years to only two and a half years” which could lead to higher costs. It was then noted how Resident Evil 6 would be arriving three and a half years after Resident Evil 5.

So, we could be seeing Resident Evil 7 by 2015. Too soon? Personally, as long as this cut-back in development time doesn’t take away from the inevitable sequel’s quality, then I’m all for it. Hell, more Resident Evil is always a good thing.

Devil May Cry was also singled out, since the upcoming entry, DmC, has spent five years in the oven due to developement being handed over to an external team (Ninja Theory). With DmC out next year, Capcom’s looking to follow it up with another sequel by 2015.

What do you think about this? Should Capcom’s major franchises sprout new titles every two and a half years? Sound off in the comments below.


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  • Kaine

    So long as the games are good, I’m all for more. The only downside is that maybe some of us will experience burnout on our favorite series. I’ve been with Resident Evil since I rented the first one back in the day, and I don’t ever see myself not supporting the series years down the road. Keep pumpin’ ’em out, I say.

  • Rogerscameron

    As long as claire comes back and the game is good, im all for it.

    • Rogerscameron

      forgot to add: NO MORE CHRIS AND LEON!

      • Aztec

        just Chris, Leon is still good if he teams up with Ada Wong ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree they need to bring Claire back if anybody.

      • Mickeyoo

        and also barry

    • Just Passing Through

      Shes finished as far as “Resident Evil Degeneration” basically said when Leon said she picked the role that Him and Chris Couldn’t pick one that was away from the fighting…So sorry to say this but get over it shes gone. Secondly by the timeline of RE6 Chris is already 40 years old so if the next game follows the “Timeline Jump” They may become to old. That could mean there would be no more Leon, Claire, Jill or Chris anyway. I could see them how ever bringing back Sherry and Jake plus maybe New people to continue the story or even have them in a game with the older characters as the “Switch Point” game where they take over the roles.

    • Wolfe

      Claire, Jill, Barry, Rebecca, Billy, and Carlos! What happened to Carlos after RE:3? Where did Billy go after RE:0? Did Rebecca join the BSAA? What the HECK happened to Barry?

      • NinjaDani

        dude barry is dead u cant bring him back

        • Aztec

          nope, Barry is still alive…. i would love to see Jill in the new resident evil.. lately, the series has been focusing on the stories of Leon and Chris, I don’t hate them but I think they need to explore the stories of other characters in the resident evil like Jill and Claire ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Loren Nelson

          Only in the Anderson continuity, which is not the same as the games clearly.

    • ste reeder

      Leave a message…a resident evil open world would be awesome or remake of the 1st resident evil & bring bk sum favourite like barry & Jill plus others and no zombies with guns that spoiled the resident evil game

  • Hey I look at it as us inching closer back to how things were in the hey day. Resident Evil came out in 96 RE 2 in 98 RE 3 in 99 Code Veronica in 00. All of these were amazing games that hold a special place in peoples hearts for different reasons. So it’s no like releasing them on a 2 and a half year basis can’t be done to a great success. It’s just up to Capcom to keep their heads on straight and not try to cut corners.

  • Sam Bulle

    Sure, lets make the game even more action like, lets put Chris in all of them, and a bunch of generic soldiers with him, scrap the ladies, Barry and Leon, who needs them when we can be can be CoD? Capcom… I hate you.

    • HAHAHA. I have a weird gamer crush on Chris…so I say, bring Chris into every game…but I do see your point.

  • Tvirusgtz

    I hope there isn’t a RE7. It would make no sense. Where the hell can you take the series after a global outbreak?

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      To another global outbreak after this one?

      • Arnell Dean Copperfield

        It’s Science Fiction. You can do whatever the hell you want. I don’t want Resident Evil to end. I could get used to it. The one thing I’m afraid they’ll do is end Resident Evil: Jill, Chris, Claire, Etc. and start off with fresh characters. I fear that more than anything.

  • Hell RE6 has not even came out yet and they are already talking about RE7.

    • Fecal Sandwich

      No. They’re not already talking about RE7. They just said they want to shorten the length of time between titles. That’s all. Jorge is the one doing the sensationalist reporting and trying to guess that RE7 will have a due date of 2015.

      It’s all speculation and guessing since he can’t take into account production delays, creative overlaps between writing, developmental delays and corporate restructuring based on sales.

  • Guest

    2015 is actually quite a long time away, and they’ll be working on RE7 before RE6 comes out, so this doesn’t strike me as “too soon.”

    • think a little. if they release it earlier we will have a good game but not great. they need time to make a good and perfect game. 2015 seems ok

    • Angelcupcake

      resident 6 come out already

    • NinjaDani

      resident evil 6 is already out :/ derr

    • Rick Harith

      Actually it is soon, making a game takes some time, it’s not like: oh I wanna make a game, its gonna be very easy. No its not like that, think the games needs perfect graphics and great 3D textures, plus what about the character designs, so making all this should take about……2 years or even 1 if you’re some kind of professional

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Its not said that it will come out in 2015 but that its possible,afterall they got to keep things running.Remember when RE5 was about to come out?Just the day before it came out they annouced the Darkside Chronicles,wouldnยดt be supprised if they do the same with RE6 as pretty much its the only RE game currently in progress(along RE: Downfall possibly which is still considered a rumour).But still RE as a series can continue pretty easy as it became a world with Bio-terrorism which means that theres still a lot of things to do and unexplored events in the timeline.

  • liam

    re7 needs claire , jill , rebbecca , barry , carlos and maybe billy

    • Zaniack

      That sounds good

    • Only if they kill Carlos or Billy….OR both. LOL

  • lets just see if RE6 is actually a good game and not a fail like RE5 first!

    • Kaine

      The most glaring gameplay issue, to me, in RE5 was the forced co-op with an AI partner who you more or less had to babysit throughout the campaign. I absolutely hated that. Hopefully our AI partners in RE6 are like the ones in Revelations. Not that I want AI partners in the first place, but the less you have to worry about them, the better.

      • yep. They probably will be. I just play RE for the story and not the awful gameplay anymore lol

      • the RE6 co op AL is better then the RE5. you dont have to babysit again, believe me

    • So far from the demo, it is much better than 5. But that’s just demo wise. It damn sure isn’t better than any other game. So really, it will be second worst in the series at most probs. But a solid game and addicting for action games in mind. But the standards of RE are too high. You cannot just be solid. They made 5 or 6 games in a row that were excellent. Final Fantasy made 9 games before they had a bad one. So as far as I’m concerned, Resident Evil is dead


    It doesn’t sound that late for a Resident Evil 7 to come out, After all RE5 came out in 2009 and now 6 is coming out 2012. So 2015 sounds about right to me

  • RE 6 = Chris, Leon boys time
    RE 7 = Jill, Claire girls time

    • Zaniack

      Exactly what i think

    • Nafizz

      yeahh RE 4,5,6 Boys time,,
      I miss Jill & Claire rule the game -__-

      • Jill was in Revelations.

        • Nafizz

          uumm,, i dont have 3ds,,, -___-. so i can’t play.
          if my sister don’t mind to lend me her 3ds,, perhaps I’ll buy ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Fuck it! Claire was at Code Veronica, Jill at revelations and chris and leon at 5 and 4 Im ready to see billy and rebeca again! ๐Ÿ˜› 2 games per character

      • god, i forgot Billy! Jake and Billy with rebecca and sherry

      • NinjaDani

        leon was not in resident evil 5

    • Mathan

      No Leon and chris rocks I want them to continue up to re10 or more. leon chris rock. Capcom No lady leads please. I hate Them..

      • LMAO. I disagree with you on the ladies, but I do agree with you on going to RE10. I think that would be the time to throw the balls to the walls and throw every surviving RE character in and give them a plot. Really end the series with a bang…killing off some, letting others survive. That would be amazing.

        • yeah! Chris gives is life to save the world and his sister. jill works with leon for the first and last time (maybe). Barry with Jake, and ada with sherry. And a secret campgain with billy

      • Leon ochOa

        Ur right it’s ok of they put a partner fo one of them but maby they make one of Leon’s partner to be Chris n all tha

        • NinjaDani

          learn to spell

  • Giant Bat

    I’d be fine with an RE 7, but maybe Capcom should continue the Haunting Ground series, Onimusha, Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, or create a new survival horror ip.

    • Dino Crisis for sure. I love that game to death. I would like another Chaos legion as well

    • Dino Crisis is a great game, both of them. a agree with you on making a new one

      • every time a Dino jumped on my i shited my pants, great fuckin game

  • Zaniack

    I thought it would be good for 2016 so they could make it better but 2015 sounds better and i hope it has both Claire and Jill especially Claire

  • Paul Smith

    i mean i don’t see how this would be a bad thing,I mean I’m sure that they can come up with a Great Storyline,Great Gameplay & something we all will Love.i mean its not about spending 3 or even 5 years to make a Great Title.Its all about Ideas & being Creative.I mean look at us Hardcore Fans & bet give us 2 years and a half we could come up with Great Storylines Sceniros for Resident Evil 7.So I’m not worried I’m Excited!

  • TrueAnakin09

    New IPs would be nice…

  • Mr Death

    If Re Outbreak: File 3 comes out by then I’ll be happy

    • Angelcupcake

      outbreak sucked

  • Jose Santiago

    oh yea they can at least redesign the Nemesis for the old school game i mist them old console ๐Ÿ™ %^%*&(&)%^#$@@#@@

  • Andrew Simmons90

    And so the fight to get the franchise on par with COD begins.

  • I agree no more chris or leon at all I mean Chris is in 5 games now and leon is in two movies and 4 games. I wanna see Carlos Oliveira and Jill meet up and get stuck in trouble and have DeeAy as third shooter player who meets up with them during the certain parts of the game and you have to beat a level using him before you an continue with Carlos or Jill. I would also like to see Billy Coen adn Rebecaa chambers cross each others paths once more. Even though Billy is in the new damnation movie he was a fav.

    • People would have a huge problem with DeeAy showing up, because that would make ORC cannon, but it would contradict RE 2 and 3

  • RAR

    I’m with you. As long as the quality is
    there, the more the merrier!

  • FatBoboBear

    sadly 6 sucks so much i couldnt cqare about it anymore, and this is from someone who enjoyed 5 the most of them all even though its the most hated till today, i replayed it around 6-7 times while once or twice with most of the other games in the franchise. 6 Is just ridiculously bad, the camera is way too close, one nod up or down on the controller and you have to stop up and fix the damn camera especially in tight corridors which it has alot of. The melee action is dominating the not only shooting in this game but also completely ruins any form of atmosphere. This game has been made into a brawler/shooter hybrid while in 4 and 5 the melee action was just a plus in tight areas to take zombies out quick or in groups depending on the enviroenment. In this game youre making kicks to the left and right and finishing them off with wrestling style slams its utter stupid. As a big fan of the series this is hugely dissapointing theres simply no atmosphere left in the game, and i dont mean horror because that wasnt really around in 5 either , but the enviroenment isnt engaging or disturbing anymore, now its just boxes and doors and a crate to the left and right in the environment

  • Mitch Pileggi

    If it’s quality, bring it on. Claire, Rebecca, Sherry, Ada, Jill.
    Absolutely NO Alice. No Leon, or Chris for a game or 2 too.

    • Leon ochoa

      Nahh I don’t like that at least put Leon in it he’s the best of all the characters

  • vinny

    Yeah…i want jill and claire. Resident Evil 6 was o.k…but now its time for fan service with the ladies making a return.There is hope left

  • Daniel Alvarez

    when resident evil 7 charater’s new or claire and Jill wish!

  • Daniel Alvarez

    for 3 more years can’t wait will save when don’t know(**)

  • f

    I loved resident evil 6, its an amazing game I’m enjoying it so much! =) please bring back leon and ada in 7! and jill and claire i miss those two!

  • LeonKennedyDSO

    Do it, i am all in with shorter times. I hate long waits but if it’s worth the wait then fine. But i’d rather see a great game fast made. Lol my dreams

  • andrew

    the only thing bad about resident evil 6 is the co-op screen resident evil 7 they should have josh,jill,sheva,sherry,piers,helena

  • I am on board with the Jill and Claire idea. I think Rebecca should be brought back as well. I would pair Jill and Sheva, Claire and Chris. Rebecca and Barry. Leon and Ada (finally getting them through their affair). Helena (yeah, I want to see her come back) and Jake. I also would like to see the pairings be broken up when cross-scenes occur. That way you are not with the same person the whole game. Could create a lot of story endings, but hey, why not? Now, obviously I wouldn’t expect all of those characters in the game, but I think bringing Sheva in and sticking her with Jill, while Claire and Chris are off somewhere only to meet up with the two gals later, would make for an interesting plot dynamic, given that some of the community is split on the Chris-Sheva vs Chris-Jill pairings. I also want to see Rebecca back…with Barry. Perhaps Helena and Jake could be part of the story via plot-cut scenes. And Leon and Ada…well…I could do without them for a bit.

    • I would also like, as a preorder bonus…a life-size Chris Redfield. Kthnxbye. LMAO

  • Kittikat7

    I want Claire to be back in the game…AS long as she is in I’m all up for it! >:D Resident Evil bring back Claire Redfield…

    • i agree with you. Claire, Chris, Leon and Jake together for the final showdown.

      • Meh

        Why do people keep talking about a “final showdown”? There isn’t going to be one unless these games’ popularity dies, and last I checked it’s still going strong. Plus, if there were a “final showdown,” it’d be a crappy, anti-climatic one that was summarized at the end of one game, like the fall of Umbrella was at the beginning of RE4. v-v;;

  • Mowg

    i would love if in resident evil 7 that Leon and Ada team up, Chris and Jill team up and Billy and Rebecca team up

  • Mowg

    it would be awsome if Wesker did not die in Resident evil 5 and he is back with a vengeance

  • Mowg

    or instead of Billy and Rebecca how about Jake and Claire

  • not so goog, they’ll have to work hard like a motherfucker, or will get a bad game. The 6 is great, but i prefer to wait 4 years for a new one, better and improved, then to wait 2, 2.5 years for a broken and low game

  • Sam

    Let’s have Resident Evil go back to the survival horror genre more than the action. Yeah, the action is cool every now and then, but not so excessive.

    Capcom has seemed to miss the point. RE 1-4 (including code veronica), were much more puzzle and horror based. They were truly scary. Capcom seems to think that because Call of Duty and other action games like Battlefield are popular, people want the same.

    No. Just like movies… we want to expand our horizons. We want to pick up a game that will scare us shitless. Look at the graphics in RE6! I have the game, and beat it and think that it had its moments, but I HATE the chapter idea.

    Let us just fly through the game like we did before instead of relying on automatic save points and chapters that make the game seem shorter. Being completely honest, I loved the type writers. It added a challenge to the game. If you died and didn’t save or couldnt find an ink ribbon, you gotta start over. Yeah, it’s frustrating, but that’s what games are about. The challenge. Let’s hope capcom takes these things into consideration. Any one disagree?

  • Jeremey

    I want all the resident evil characters dead or not good or bad in just one big mercernaries

  • RESIDENT EVIL IS MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME!!!!! pleeeeeaaaassssseeee dont change anything.. sure 4 was my favorite game EVER!!!! but capcom is amaaaaaazzziiiing… Leo and Chris need to partner up REALLY BAD!! ultimate combo…. Badass and Badass

  • i have a very strange obsession with resident evil i looove it so uch.. My favorite is still Leon… allways has, allways will

  • More Resident Evil can be a good thing. As long as its not another shitty Paul W.S Anderson movie. Good thing this guy doesnt write the story for the games they would be horrible.

  • Alexander Rowlands

    I know some won’t agree but maybe they could do a Leon and Bruce Mcivern or Leon and Ark Thompson? Along with other characters as they are all agents. Also there’s the similarity about Leon and Ada and Bruce plus Yoko. I also would like to see Rebecca and Barry and maybe Wesker making a come back with steve as his operative?

    • Angelcupcake

      no more wesker! but steve yes

      • NinjaDani

        i agree with u AngelCupCake

    • NinjaDani

      NO MORE Wesker HES DEAD

  • Jill, Claire, Rebecca and Hunk for RE7

  • Nikolai

    I say bring back all the characters it all started with, chris, jill, barry, rebecca, billy, claire, leon, carlos, ada, jake, and then weskers return with a vengence for a plan to kill them all. Mabey like an apacolyptic era where all of them are rescuing survivors n using jakes blood to abolish the virus. And some where in there hav then run across some of the characters from outbreak.

  • Nikolai

    Oops i forgot to add sheva n helena in there as well

  • Nikolai

    Oh n sherry of cours

  • Angelcupcake

    have claire and chris team together jake and sherry and more ada and put jill and berry together please:)

  • Angelcupcake

    make a E virus also for resident evil 7

  • Leon ochoa

    Leon shud be in all of them he’s like the one who survived raccoon city and on resident evil 4 he survived it all alone he’s good so put him on ther

  • inky243

    as long as it has leon and ada i don’t really mind but any character is fine by me.
    Biggest res evil fan everrrrrrrr!

  • ZaNe

    They have got to make the Resident Evil movies come out faster, with less gaps in between, like the time between #1 and #2. I know that I am hooked on it now, and I’ve seen every movie. But if it’s going to come out in like 2015, I would already have lost interest a long time ago.

  • i feel they might put jake back in but it would be like the ada wong game play in resident evil 6. however jill and claire should come back or someone different that we havent seen in a while. I hope its scary and the story is good.

  • Brad

    I would love more of Chris he is my favourite character but they seem to be aging him a hell of a lot so could be a sign that resident evil is finishing up I personally liked number five better then six because of better gameplay I wouldn’t mind seeing more of jake and sherry but for some reason Leon’s campaigns bore me

  • goku

    I think that they need to put jake in bc at the end of RE:6 u see him at the end of every main person on the game were he is in a room wit a kid to help the boy out ant the it ends……And yes put the main person jill back in that would be cool to see more of in the new game it cant come out soon enough for me sorry thats just me

  • Justin

    I think Chris,Jill,Claire,Leon,Billy,Rebecca should all be in re7. They should stay together throw the whole game.instead of always letting them split up. They all be together

  • Austin

    no screw the girls boy time bitchs

  • The Should bring back Clair, Jill, Berry, Rebecca, Carlos and Billy… Please?

  • i will agree i wont a resident evil 7 and more yes lol

  • Andriu

    I wish they all met at resident evil 7.

  • Thanasis

    Residentevil 7 =

    Barry Burton


    Rebecca Chambers

  • shayloweclowud

    Mm mayb they shld have Leon and Clair team up again and Chris and Jill team up also and Ada probably with Jake idk depends……. :/ or Ada with Leon

  • matieq


  • matieq

    Capcom would do best if given in the Resident Evil 7 2 best partners JAKE AND SHERRY Birkin in my best characters in the Resident Evil universe and the best option would be to give them time

  • matieq

    Let Capcom sometimes can not Chris and Leon to Resident Evil 7 because it’s starting to be repetitive sequels let history show Jake and Sherry Birkins as partners. Jake at the end of the campaign and sherry in Resident Evil 6 Jake Sherry posted a message to the changing price of 50 million to $ 50 or even wanted to meet her again. It is a good idea to use one of the options in any storyline in Resident Evil 7th Capcom let them forget about it and not ruin the fate of two best characters.

  • matieq

    resident evil 7 best partners Sherry birkin and Jake

  • Phanton 1986

    RE7= Jake&Sherry

  • disqus_pUEx6Qwodr

    Claire and Chris story Leon and Ada story Jill and Carlos story

  • Neil Rendell

    I think the reason a lot of people have gone off the resi franchise is that they haven’t brought back a virus in its origin form, too much of “lets combine all the viruses and create new viruses with it” and not enough of “lets bring back old characters and monsters” example- Barry Burton against the G-Virus or Claire looking for Steve’s body but awakening Veronica as well. Also there is way too much action, how can a game scare when too much is going on

    • Neil Rendell

      i’m sorry but i’m looking more forward to The Evil Within than another CoD zombies resident evil, Shinji Mikami where did you go?

  • Blue Cabrera

    Claire Redfield! Bring back Rebecca and Barry, How about Billy and Carlos? Jill has always been my favorite Biohazard (what its called in Japan for those that don’t know) character since the first release in 1996 but I want to see Jill again. This time on my PS4


    better not be that shits of war type peice of crap 6 was. i want weapons customisation and loot!

  • drachehexe

    The Resident Evil series is dead, let it rest in peace for God’s sake.

  • Robert Aumond

    Resident evil 7 should have Leon Chris and Ada but only in the cinemas the playable characters should be new the game should be open world with side missions game should have night and day cycles you can control manualy like metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain and there should be weather changes like rain/thunderstorms/hot or cool temperatures that your body reacts to

  • Robert Aumond

    Capcom should give players the ability dress not only the playable characters but also the non playable characters the way they like for example being able to pick the dress you want ada wong to wear example short or long dress/color you want and even the fabric you want

  • Robert Aumond

    imagin ada wearing a long red dress with the cotton sticking out that would show off the graphics capabilitys of the new systems


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