Resident Evil 7 could hit by 2015

At a recent briefing on their fiscal year 2011 financial results, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto told investors about the publisher’s plan to cut development time “to develop major titles from the usual three to four years to only two and a half years” which could lead to higher costs. It was then noted how Resident Evil 6 would be arriving three and a half years after Resident Evil 5.

So, we could be seeing Resident Evil 7 by 2015. Too soon? Personally, as long as this cut-back in development time doesn’t take away from the inevitable sequel’s quality, then I’m all for it. Hell, more Resident Evil is always a good thing.

Devil May Cry was also singled out, since the upcoming entry, DmC, has spent five years in the oven due to developement being handed over to an external team (Ninja Theory). With DmC out next year, Capcom’s looking to follow it up with another sequel by 2015.

What do you think about this? Should Capcom’s major franchises sprout new titles every two and a half years? Sound off in the comments below.


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  • i feel they might put jake back in but it would be like the ada wong game play in resident evil 6. however jill and claire should come back or someone different that we havent seen in a while. I hope its scary and the story is good.

  • Brad

    I would love more of Chris he is my favourite character but they seem to be aging him a hell of a lot so could be a sign that resident evil is finishing up I personally liked number five better then six because of better gameplay I wouldn’t mind seeing more of jake and sherry but for some reason Leon’s campaigns bore me

  • goku

    I think that they need to put jake in bc at the end of RE:6 u see him at the end of every main person on the game were he is in a room wit a kid to help the boy out ant the it ends……And yes put the main person jill back in that would be cool to see more of in the new game it cant come out soon enough for me sorry thats just me

  • Justin

    I think Chris,Jill,Claire,Leon,Billy,Rebecca should all be in re7. They should stay together throw the whole game.instead of always letting them split up. They all be together

  • Austin

    no screw the girls boy time bitchs

  • The Should bring back Clair, Jill, Berry, Rebecca, Carlos and Billy… Please?

  • i will agree i wont a resident evil 7 and more yes lol

  • Andriu

    I wish they all met at resident evil 7.

  • Thanasis

    Residentevil 7 =

    Barry Burton


    Rebecca Chambers

  • shayloweclowud

    Mm mayb they shld have Leon and Clair team up again and Chris and Jill team up also and Ada probably with Jake idk depends……. :/ or Ada with Leon

  • matieq


  • matieq

    Capcom would do best if given in the Resident Evil 7 2 best partners JAKE AND SHERRY Birkin in my best characters in the Resident Evil universe and the best option would be to give them time

  • matieq

    Let Capcom sometimes can not Chris and Leon to Resident Evil 7 because it’s starting to be repetitive sequels let history show Jake and Sherry Birkins as partners. Jake at the end of the campaign and sherry in Resident Evil 6 Jake Sherry posted a message to the changing price of 50 million to $ 50 or even wanted to meet her again. It is a good idea to use one of the options in any storyline in Resident Evil 7th Capcom let them forget about it and not ruin the fate of two best characters.

  • matieq

    resident evil 7 best partners Sherry birkin and Jake

  • Phanton 1986

    RE7= Jake&Sherry

  • disqus_pUEx6Qwodr

    Claire and Chris story Leon and Ada story Jill and Carlos story

  • Neil Rendell

    I think the reason a lot of people have gone off the resi franchise is that they haven’t brought back a virus in its origin form, too much of “lets combine all the viruses and create new viruses with it” and not enough of “lets bring back old characters and monsters” example- Barry Burton against the G-Virus or Claire looking for Steve’s body but awakening Veronica as well. Also there is way too much action, how can a game scare when too much is going on

    • Neil Rendell

      i’m sorry but i’m looking more forward to The Evil Within than another CoD zombies resident evil, Shinji Mikami where did you go?

  • Blue Cabrera

    Claire Redfield! Bring back Rebecca and Barry, How about Billy and Carlos? Jill has always been my favorite Biohazard (what its called in Japan for those that don’t know) character since the first release in 1996 but I want to see Jill again. This time on my PS4


    better not be that shits of war type peice of crap 6 was. i want weapons customisation and loot!

  • drachehexe

    The Resident Evil series is dead, let it rest in peace for God’s sake.

  • Robert Aumond

    Resident evil 7 should have Leon Chris and Ada but only in the cinemas the playable characters should be new the game should be open world with side missions game should have night and day cycles you can control manualy like metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain and there should be weather changes like rain/thunderstorms/hot or cool temperatures that your body reacts to

  • Robert Aumond

    Capcom should give players the ability dress not only the playable characters but also the non playable characters the way they like for example being able to pick the dress you want ada wong to wear example short or long dress/color you want and even the fabric you want

  • Robert Aumond

    imagin ada wearing a long red dress with the cotton sticking out that would show off the graphics capabilitys of the new systems