Resident Evil 7 can now be digitally pre-ordered on Xbox One


I know, I know. The specific headline Xbox One owners interested in Resident Evil 7 biohazard want to read is: “Resident Evil 7 demo now available on Xbox One!” Sadly, this post isn’t that. But you can now digitally pre-order the game and have it ready for pre-download when it releases on January 24, 2017!

There are two version of the game you could pre-order: standard and deluxe. The standard edition comes with the base game and the “Recovery Set” variation of the Survival Pack. The deluxe edition comes with all of that plus the game’s season pass.


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  • Omar

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I checked the preorder description in the Xbox Store and it seems that the coins are used to boost Ethan stats, in this case the coin in the Recovery Pack gives a small Defense boost.

    Maybe the other coins will give a higher boost depending on their type (Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc) or even affect other stats like Attack Power, Stamina (in case Capcom decides to use this stat for running ability), healing power, etc. This kind of scheme reminds of the Yellow Herb in RE4 although maybe we will only get this enhancements by equipping these coins.

    Also the pack unlocks the “Madhouse” difficulty which we could get normally by completing the game.

    I find it strange that only the Recovery Pack is included in the Preorder for both the Standar and the Deluxe Edition, makes me wonder if Capcom will sell the other item packs later or even bundle them in a complete pack at a later date.

    Still this kind of preorder feels like the Fighting Chance pack in The Evil Within, I’m not against the use of these packs though I hope the game doesnt get hard like Evil Within was in higher difficulties.

    Finally it recommend to get the Deluxe edition over the Standar because the price difference is minimal (14 pesos, less than 1 dollar):

    Deluxe: $1209 MX
    Standar: $1195 MX

    The season pass seems to include the new story content announced in the PSN store so I hope the price doesnt change in the Xbox Store as we approach the release date.


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