Resident Evil 6 outed by voice actor’s resume

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard anything new concerning the inevitable and highly anticipated Resident Evil 6. Well, by anything new I mean new rumors, of course, since Capcom isn’t quite ready to say anything official about their plans for the series’ next big numbered sequel. But hey, we still got voice actor resumes to do the trick for us!

According to his personal resume, voice actor Joe Cappelletti is apparently working on Resident Evil 6, voicing an as yet undisclosed character. Oh, yeah, does that name ring any (Resident Evil 4 cow) bells at all? You may have been prior exposed to his work without even knowing it. And in what may be a move sprouting from a “oh shit, I revealed this too early” mindset, the actor’s particular voice credit for Resident Evil 6 has been removed…Regardless, we know Resident Evil 6 is just bound to be announced eventually, so we’ll just keep taking any new additions to the rumor mill as sweet candy and chew on it like jolly little kids.



A little update, Milla Jovovich tweeted a few hours ago.

“So I just asked the boys from Capcom when RE6 the game comes out and they said…”hahahahaha!  It’s confidential.”  So there u go, folks.”

So Milla, was that just your typical LOL type chuckle, or an evil genius ‘wouldn’t you like to know?’ laugh?

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  • It’s a shame that logo was fake. I sorta like it.

  • I don’t recognize the name from RE4

  • Faceman

    Logo reminds me of Star Wars, not that that’s a bad thing

  • Henrik

    According to

    There is another RE voice actress attached to RE6 beside the Joe guy, Wendy Mok playing a Chinese villager/Zombie so is RE6 gonna take place in China???

    Whetever its false info I dont know.

    I wonder if they actually mean Operation Raccoon as “their” RE6????

    On the other hand on
    Wendy Wok site it does say RE6.

  • Henrik

    Too add to the post above
    Derek Lui is supposedly doing a Voice in RE6 too

    If its China I guess they can have all to major cities to more rural areas.

    Always liked asian rural areas in horror games.

    Play Fatal Frame or Siren series too get what I mean.

  • i think leon is gonna be in this 1


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