Resident Evil 6 ‘leaked character list’ from a few months back seems to have been real

*Warning – This post most likely contains a big spoiler for Resident Evil 6; You have been warned*

As Jorge continues to write-up his complete analysis of the trailer and surrounding information of Resident Evil 6 (he’s seriously got an eye for noticing small things and piecing them together, I tell you what), it seems that a previous rumor for Resident Evil 6 has come to light. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, since they’re often more false than true. Sometimes though these leaks do end up being true, and that seems to be the case of a late Resident Evil 6 rumor back from January. This one got a lot of friction because it came near the game’s announcement, but many were on the fence whenever to believe it or not. It was a simple list, containing eight names, that about anyone could quickly write-up and call it a ‘leak’. However, in this case it seems this list was actually true. The list contained the game’s ‘major’ and playable characters, which were:

Leon S. Kennedy
Helena Harper
Chris Redfield
Piers Nivans
Jake Muller (Wesker’s son)
Sherry Birkin
Ada Wong
Carla Radames (Ada’s clone)

Having a character that was Wekser’s son, Sherry Brikin returning, as well as a clone of Ada, all seemed pretty ridiculous at the time. However, what brings light to the truth of this rumor is the name of Wesker’s son, Jake Muller. This is indeed the third Mercenaries name, and he is also really Wesker’s son. That’s too good to be a guess, which sheds light that the mysterious woman people see in the trailer may not actually be Ada, but her clone Carla. It also means that Ada and Carla may have their own scenario, or be playable in Mercenaries mode (which is confirmed). Let the speculation commence!

We’ll bring you more on Resident evil 6 as it develops.

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  • Paul Smith

    what do they mean a clone of Ada?What happened to the Original?Or I’m guessing the real Ada will make an Appearacne eventually in the game

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      Well there was talk of her having her own scenario unlocked after beating all 3 main scenarios.

    • Whitevice

      Ada’s listed in the list along with this Carla person by the way.

    • Heinzhayle Darktooth

      Your Right! I thought that Ada was all there, i’ve never heard about CarlaRadames Before. 😀


      Ada died in RE2. She was revived the same way Wesker was. IDK who the F Carla is…that’s weaksauce.

      • andybam

        No. In the series cannon, Ada did not die in RE2.

      • Rogerscameron

        adas survival is detailed in umbrella chronicles.

      • Wendell

        Oh yeah then it was her soul that appeared in RE4…theorically you could be right its hard to assume RE4 was cannon…that game is a complete nonsense.

  • Savior

    Did someone comment long ago that after completing the game that you will unlock an Ada scenario? Maybe we can get a backstory of this “Carla” clone if this proves true.

  • I really hope this is true. The woman in the trailer is so out of character to be Ada. I always saw Ada as an “anti-hero” type in the series, not a full blown murderer.
    I hope that’s “Carla” we see in the trailer.

    • Heinz Hayle

      I’m Hoping too Dan.

  • Tvirusgtz

    Dear God please don’t let it be a damn clone. Wesker Jr. is stupid enough man…

    • Sirroggers

      Completley agree on the Wesker jr. thing however im not sure how to view the clone thing … at one hand it pushes the story to somwhat ridiculous sphere but at the other it would make sense rather than Adas complete change of personality … though I admitt that the thought of her turned to a full blown villain is very interesting to say the least for me.

  • Ssammy117

    I’m still trying to get over the shock that Wesker has a son! Now, how did this happened!?!

    • Samuraiedge87

      Well when a Wesker and a virus love each other very very much. Wesker and the virus make a beautiful baby lol :3

  • Tomas12reyes

    and can somebody tell me how’s the mother ?

  • Tomas12reyes

    i tried to say who’s the mother

  • I cant believe this turned out to be true. But seriously a clone? Wtf Capcom, I thought you said you wanted to make the greatest RE game ever, and adding a clone of a spy is just so, unrealistic, even in the RE universe.

    Now they will probably add Alice from the movies in the next game and say she is Jake’s sister.

  • Why are there people crying over realism in an RE game? Seriously? Whats so bad about carla being a clone also?

  • makes sense man!

    that woman feels like Ada but isn’t, she must be the clone

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Wait a second…theres hope for a Wesker clone!!!
    *Power slides across the room trough the door*

  • Chinwei_94


  • Whats wrong with cloning? RE has always been about experiments…how else would zombies happened? The outbreak didnt accour on its own, now its a new generation and you never know what can happen. Idk, maybe im just a fan…but where would the RE franchise be without its loyal fans. Supporting even at its worst. (which RE6 is not looking bad)

  • I think you all are so precipitated saying that the game’s plot is ridiculous! Wait and see, we have to read the book first, okay? What you think that is ridiculous now, you can see with other eyes after…

  • Just to point out, cloning isn’t new to the Resi series.

    The vast majority of BOWs are based around the concept of cloning, and don’t forget that Sergei in Umbrella Chronicles was cloned to create the IVAN model of the T-103, etc, etc.

    The idea of them eventually being able to create a non-BOW human clone over 15 years after the events of the original game is hardly shocking…

  • Whitevice

    Just curious but where is Mercenaries confirmed? Thanks!

  • Let_Me_Live

    No-where do they say that Jake is actually Wesker’s son, only that Wesker is his “father” which could mean ‘Creater’ rather than dad in the conventional sense. He was a researcher after all. He could of artificially created Jake using his own DNA in a lab in a similar way to how Alfred and Alexia were created.

    Makes more sense to me. Can’t really see Wesker having hooked up with a woman. He was too interested in complete global saturation lol.

    • Wendell

      It doesent matter if Muller was biologically created or not its stupid either way,Albert Wesker hate humans and seriously i dont pretend to resume his life here…his “son” is pathetic he was owned by a javo in the trailer and was being looked down by ada “clone” as a weakling…even C virus is a fail…zombies carrying weapons,attacking in groups,running and jumping?LOL

      C virus=Las plagas type C

  • Andrew Simmons90

    When the abomination of the abysmal films starts to inspire the game series, you know its bad.

    ‘Clones’? Im just waiting for Obi-Wan to get back from Kamino and inform Chris of the rest of them.

    • Nickhebert25

      Clones is still considered science fiction which isn’t out of place of Resident Evil 6. You also need to take into consideration that the game is based in 2013. Given the fact that cloning has already been possible in our time who’s to say that human cloning isn’t possible?

      • Wendell

        its not a matter if its possible or not…,but RE6 storyline is turning out to be nonsensical again…what the point of cloning a character that still alive?or giving a failed background about Albert Wesker?Kawata is so stupid

      • Wendell

        FYI RE is not scifi…or based solely in action either…

  • Heinzhayle Darktooth

    I thought that it was Ada Wong i’ve been seeing on the Trailer, but still i hope that it would be Carla Radames. Ada Can’t Kill BSAA with that!

  • DYCL

    I think this 2nd trailer was created to intentionally mislead us and to keep us guessing.

    The female voiceover in the beginning, “More games?” is clearly Ada’s voice (Sally Cahill). When we finally see the Ada-lookalike on screen and speak, her voice retains Ada’s tone but is different ever so slightly (not sure if it’s Sally Cahill altering her voice for this role or if it’s a different voice actress altogether). This leads me to believe that the Ada clone rumor might have some truth to it.

    Another theory stemming from that initial voiceover:

    Man: “How are you feeling?”
    Ada: “More games?”
    Man: “Not quite, just something I think you’d benefit from knowing…”

    Perhaps cutscene this takes place where the man reveals to Ada that she had been cloned? Also, maybe the “How are you feeling?” question is asked when Ada wakes up from the cloning process or whatnot?

    10.02.2012… can’t wait!

  • Wendell

    ok anyone who knows albert wesker knows this son idea is completely ridiculous…,he never cared about humans or have their affection in his veins this game has everything to be a fail…like RE4 and 5.

  • anyone notice Carla radames name in the new trailer? it’s on a photo right after they show Ada and a guy asks “find anything interesting?”

    • Swcloud99

      Exactly, I posted it on the other news. Capcom put in a 1 second clue in their trailer. It’s insane. I never would have seen it if I hadn’t watched the trailer frame by frame.

  • Edward Cullen

    where is jill valentine?

  • KSokulski

    I think she’s not a “clone” per-say because I feel she could very well be Carla Radames posing as Ada. The Simmons guy looked like he was threatening Ada so we’ve got this guy in the secret service who knows about Ada and is manipulating Sherry and, well, everyone else.

    So he’s costumed Carla into pretending to be Ada for revenge maybe? It seems the most likely explanation to me but I could be wrong.

  • Puzo

    Where’s Simmons?

  • Brad

    If Ada is able to be cloned, couldn’t Albert clone himself. I just know the series has to end soon, maybe in the next 3 games but this can’t keep getting prolonged.


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