Release date for Resident Evil HD Remaster revealed, plus new images!


We finally have a release date for the HD remastered edition of the Resident Evil Remake! The game will be launching in North America digitally on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC (through Steam) on January 20. It will be priced at $19.99.

Our review will be coming soon!

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  • Marco Zuniga

    Why so damn late? It’s already available in Japan…

    • Guest

      And its in english too

    • MassDistraction

      Text translation takes time.

      • Marco Zuniga

        Yep, but the translation is done, is not really a new game, remember? The japanese version already comes in full English if you were to set it that way.

        • MassDistraction

          Oh yes, good point. And I doubt changing the title screen is something that’d take this much time 😛

  • Martin Marchena

    cant wait for this one!!! are they doing RE 0 as well??

    • Megan Schneider

      They sure as hell better be 🙂

      • Martin Marchena

        I really hope so

        • reptar

          Well, if this game performs well, logic will tell Capcom to remaster Zero as well.

          Moral of the story: You want Zero? Buy this game.

          • Martin Marchena

            I like Zero!! now lets make RE 2 n 3 just like Zero and 1 and we will be very happy

    • Agent HUNK

      I HOPE SO!!!

    • Jecht_Sin

      It would be great if they did. I never played it and have always wondered how it ties into the franchise.

      • JC

        It’s got some pretty cool tie-ins but you have to read all the notes, etc to get it all. Rebecca finally gets her own game but the other playable character Billy is never mentioned again in Resident Evil at all (they could have at least had him join the BSAA in 5 or something).

        Being perfectly honest I’ve not really seen many tie-ins with later games. The only one I think I’ve seen is Dr Marcus (the main antagonist for RE0) mentioned in maybe one or two of the researchers notes in the Africa research bases of Resident Evil 5 but that’s about it.

        The idea I think was to 0 self contained so if you missed it you could still enjoy a complete understanding, with just a little fan-service for people who have played it.

    • Meepok1

      If they do, they better not skip the Wii U.

  • Ivars Solovjovs

    Kinda pricey for digital download!

    • Larry H.

      People are paying $40 to import a physical copy. $20 for the greatest game ever in HD is fine.

      It will be available on steam so if you’re really stingy just wait for a sale.

    • reptar

      Really? It’s a full game that has tons of replay value. I was expecting it to be $40, but $20 is amazing considering they took extra development time to remaster the game.

  • Megan Schneider

    I think $20 for a full game is pretty good. At least they aren’t charging you $60.

    • oSHINSAo

      They have already charge us $60 2 maybe 3 times… PS, GC now on PS4 and/or X1

      • Chris Boehm

        The PlayStation game and GameCube remake are completely different games. No one could reasonably argue that you were charged twice if you bought both. And the ‘maybe 3’ is if you voluntarily buy this remaster twice? Lol.

        • bigevilworldwide1 .

          I think maybe he might be trying to claim the Wii version when they re-released REmake and Zero…Either way they never charged $60 the PS1 game was $40 and the GC and Wii versions were $50

          • Megan Schneider

            Still $20 is a steal for this updated content.

          • Megan Schneider

            I’m saying they COULD charge us $60 since that’s how much games are going for and I know it’s not a new game.

      • reptar

        Um, no. I bought the game ONCE on GC. I plan on buying this remaster, at $20? Wow, what a steal.

        Now, if you bought the game on every platform it was ported to (to allow a wide audience to play, not so every gamer buys the game every time it’s re-released) that’s your issue, dude.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Those who haven’t played it are in for a treat. This is pretty much the game that started survival horror in the PS1 era and beyond.

    • reptar

      And $20 for it to be remastered in HD? Win

  • Freehoxton

    too freakin late! :S

  • Xuchilpaba

    I’ve got the PS3 retail version and let me tell you something my friend, avoid the PS3 version no matter what. Unless you’re a collector and want the disc.It’s nothing like these pictures. Go for PS4/X1/PC versions.


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