Pre-Order Resident Evil Revelations from Amazon, get a Rachel Ooze costume for Raid Mode

In a somewhat unexpected announcement, Amazon has updated their pre-order reward for Resident Evil Revelations, and if you pre-order for PS3 or 360 (strangely no mention of Wii-U at this time), you will get a Rachel Ooze costume for Raid Mode, allowing you to play Rachel in her monster form against other monsters, including herself. Well… Okay then. Capcom’s Steam pre-order option did say there was a DLC pass for Raid Mode, so this could very well be a future piece of DLC, as it is not a confirmed exclusive to Amazon. But one also has to question the means they’re trying to advertise this pre-order bonus, as both shots on this page are taken directly from Amazon, and, well…


They’re not suggestive at all, obviously. Still, we’ll keep you updated with Resident Evil Revelations news as it develops.


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  • Neutron15

    Ooze Rachel Posing for the camera, lol

  • what a dull preorder bonus modders would be able to do this with the pc version anyway , why can’t they just add a few more extra resident evil characters , if they can add hunk why not claire or ada or rebbecca ? if it’s just for raid mode why cant they be playable ? is it just them being lazy ?

    • Brady White

      Because Capcom doesn’t like to do work D: Both Rachel costumes are from the original game (actually I think she was supposed to be playable in the original but was cut-out) and I’ve been hearing things about how HUNK is a extra costume in Lost Planet 3… so you can guess where the Rev’s HD model came from! *sighs* 🙁

  • Sexualized monster DLC of a female character with no face. What did I expect?

  • Don’t forget the three exclusive gun pre-order DLC from GameStop. It’s already been posted on their RE: Revelations order page.

  • Brady White

    I just gonna’ start off by saying that I’ll defend original Rachel to the very end! (I think she’s actually a good character and at least she didn’t act like a bimbo…)

    But this is just going too far :/ Freaking Highschool Of The Dead is less provocative! 😛


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