Oh: Resident Evil 6 has 4 campaigns (Updated)

UPDATE: Well, so much for that…After contacting Capcom on the matter, they replied by stating that:

“At this time, we have confirmed there will be three campaigns. However, we had also confirmed Mercenaries mode which is what Christian was referring to. He meant 4 modes.”

Hmm..To me, modes aren’t equal to campaigns, but we’ll just have to wait and see! (I still think there’ll be a 4th scenario starring Ada.)

ORIGINAL STORY: It looks like the– C-Virus infected– cat may have been let out of the bag!

During a video interview with E3 Insider (click the source below to view it), Capcom’s Senior VP of strategic planning and business development, Christian Svensson, stated that Resident Evil 6 would house four campaigns, adding one more to the three that have already been revealed. This pretty much confirms what IGN reported months ago, where an inside source told them that Ada will also be playable in the game, though not initially.

My guess is that Ada’s scenario will be left for DLC, but I would love for it to just be unlocked once you clear the other three scenarios.  What do you guys think?

Maybe he just made a mistake…


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  • sas_the_virtuous

    Ada in a fully fledged campaign of her own? Hell yeah! I wonder if hers will have co-op too, and if so who her partner will be. I’d be most glad with a female partner so that one could have two same-sex teams (the first being Piers + Chris).

    • REFanInRegina

      Claire? (Probably won`t (can`t?) be, but I`ll just throw it in here to see what happens…)

      • sas_the_virtuous

        Much as I’d love to see this happen it seems unlikely as Claire and Ada are two vastly different characters. Claire has no formal military training and unless she’s undergone some sort of transformation into a Lupo-like super soldier she’d be unable to catch up with Ada (I can’t imagine Claire using the grapple gun, doing somersaults and reloading at the same time and I hope she will stay that way – I found Jill doing the crazy gymnast stuff in RE5 a mismatch). I deliberately ignore the ‘what my brother taught me’ line from Darkside Chronicles but if they portray Claire in RE Damnation as more than just an activist then that would increase the chances…

        • grenadeh

          She seemed to do a fine and dandy job in Code Veronica and RE2 – 15 years prior to this game albeit. Also she is a peaceful activist loser now circa Degeneration (which is canon) but even in that, with a broken leg, she still kicked asses. All in all though, no, no reason for her to be in the game.

  • Swcloud99

    Maybe this rumour ties in with the comments the devs made about there being a reward for those who complete all three campaign.
    the game would feel really pointless if there wasn’t any sort of ending to tie the three campaign together.

    • sas_the_virtuous

      This is CAPCOM so the way I see it this big ‘reward’ is going to be either a trophy or an alternative credits roll. If you want to see the real ending start saving your money for another edition of RE6 TBA later this year;->

  • daniel

    lo aran un pinche completento para descargar en la playstation store de seguro aran eso y despues de que salga el RE6 sakaran otra version con los complementos incluidos tipico dee capcom como ya lo ha hecho antes con RE5 o street fighter 4 :SSS

    • sas_the_virtuous

      I pogadali;)

  • daniel

    lo aran un pinche completento para descargar en la playstation store de seguro aran eso y despues de que salga el RE6 sakaran otra version con los complementos incluidos tipico dee capcom como ya lo ha hecho antes con RE5 o street fighter 4 :SSS…

  • It would be totally sweet if it was a campaign about equal in length to one of the main campaigns. I’m mostly hoping it’s not dlc.

  • Benjamin May

    Sounds good to me. It would be nice if it was unlocked after completing the first three campaigns, but I suspect it will be DLC. More than happy to be proved wrong though.

  • why can’t they all be like leons >_>

    • LocusOfPointsIsAnnoying

      I know right? Leon’s scenario reminded me of the first moments of REmake, because there isn’t much going on, and you’re looking for someone (the dad’s daughter), which reminded me of trying to find Chris as Jill.

      • yep. At least Shinji Mikami is making Zwei…that will be amazing….

      • grenadeh

        Uh, you get attacked within the first minute of REmake. The same cannot be said for Leons campaign. Within the first 10 seconds of RE1 original you get attacked as well.

  • i would love play as Ada and stare at her ass while i play :3

  • liam

    it’s a capcom game it will be DLC lol

    • AdaSandwich

      The only one I know they did that is Operation Raccoon City lol and that was with SlantSix

      • grenadeh

        That’s because the only Resident Evil game that has come out on the new generation of consoles, which are online, DRM, DLC centric, is Resident Evil 5. RE4 had everything in one package because the capability to be a greedy pig and charge 15 dollars for another campaign wasn’t available. (Excluding re-releases and chronicles of course)

        • grenadeh

          And, yes, RE5’s extra campaigns were DLC. Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape.

  • bonen

    A think a lot would appreciate if it does come to reality. Who wouldn’t want to play a scenario with Ada on it.

    (On the side note: I can’t help but stare at the letter “i” of the word “Survivor” on the picture :P)

  • If there is a forth campaign and they did not finish it they should delay the game to finish it ..

  • sas_the_virtuous

    “What an utter disappointment!” (shaking my booty in an Anna Williams manner). It’s a no-brainer that people would love to see Ada in another compaign and what irks me is the fact that CAPCOM won’t make it part of the game unless they have been pestered for it a long time which will ultimately lead to re-releasing an Nth edition of a CAPCOM game some time after the original release.

  • Cris

    LOL I like how the dot in the “i” in “survivor” is right in the middle of Ada’s boob (intentional?) xD anyway I really hope there’s an Ada campaign!

  • manos17

    I WISH it’s not a DLC! I prefer the it to be unlockable!

  • Rayzr6

    I believe Ada’s partner is none other than…..HUNK! =D


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