“No Hope Left” ad campaign created by Capcom

It seems that this massive Resident Evil 6 speculation is only going to get more and more interesting as time goes on (well up until tomorrow). TuffCub from The Six Axis stumbled upon one of the spray painted “No Hope Left” signs in London, only to discover that it was indeed a printed advertisement. Upon closer examination he discovered that the ad in question was being done by outdoor ad company Primesight.

TuffCub contacted both Capcom and Primesight with hope that this was indeed Resident Evil related.  Capcom gave him the usual PR response on rumors/speculation, but Primesight let slip that the ad campaign was being run by Capcom. If this doesn’t point at Resident Evil 6, then we might as well give up and wait for the official announcement.

So, we have Chinese viral videos, Biohazard symbols across the world, and a mysterious date that coincides with Capcom’s 15th Anniversary stream for the Resident Evil series. Also note that the No Hope Left website has been updated with even more material since last night. Hold onto your butts!


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  • liam

    I wonder if the whole world is going to be infected in re6 ? sort of like the alice movies where the virus destroys the earth.

  • SilverFF

    I pray,pray,pray to the RE Gods for it to be a RE6!!!!!!!! My co-worker just threw in a wrench that it may be Dead Rising 3.

  • mkdfan


    I was convincing myself all this stuff was something for “28 Months Later” for some reason. :S

    Well I guess all will be revealed (or more teased) tomorrow going by the 19th of Jan date.

  • Venom2501

    Good work, guys! It just goes to show, nothing can hide from the internet…

  • zachary mattingly

    well if it is connected to resident evil 6 maybe it has to do with veltro are maybe that virus in revelations maybe some of it poped up and started spreading are maybe this well be further explained in damnation who knows anyways if this doesnt have anything to do with resident evil its still pretty interesting

  • DJ

    The pentagram plotted on the map is interesting. “STARS!” anyone? http://www.nohopeleft.com/are-the-places-connected#comments

  • zachary mattingly

    so i guess this could mean the bad guys are kinda like a cult group in resident evil 4 hell maybe even a group of guys that just really hate the old stars unit or it could mean nothing

  • ccrogers15@live.com

    Re6 better remove the behind the back cam and be scary. Also i dony wanna use chris or leon agaon!

  • zachary mattingly

    i wouldnt say remove the behind the back camera angle because resident evil 3.5 shows that if capcom gets its shit togather that camera angle can be scary but i do agree they are kinda over useing chris and leon a bit

  • RiverStyx

    It might actually be Resident evil 6 or a spin-off, The 3DS demo of Resident Evil Revelations comes out tommorow soooo maybe there is connection there.

  • Ben May

    I can see rhe merits of both camera views (fixed camera and behind-the-shoulder camera). Perhaps the player should be able to choose between the two. That way, everybody wins!

  • ale

    Hm still I am suspicious about this being for RE6. We’ll see for sure tomorrow.

  • DarkDreamTCK

    Dead Rising 3. Forgot about that. DR3 is actually very likely.

  • Darius

    RE6!!! I’m guessing the T-Abyss virus actually does spread around the world through the earth’s waters

  • Darius

    & if it is DR3 I will be just as pissed as I was when I found out that the last teaser was for prototype 2 at the vgas -__-

  • Jacob

    As much as I’d like this to be about Resi 6, I’m not going to get my hopes up too high, as a Dead Rising 3 reveal seems quite likely as well.

  • Henrik

    I hope its RE6 too but as other said could be DR3.

    As its been said RE6 will have China in it I wonder if Capcom incooperate birdflue in it somehow.

    Its a real virus and would give a more realistic take on RE6.

    Birdflue evolved thanks too T-virus or T-abyss spread across the world like a plauge wipe out most of humanity.

    Plus as birdflue originated from China it would be cool to incooperate it somehow.

    Condemned 1 had some hints of it too.


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