Meet Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s Spec-Ops members; background info behind the ‘good guys’

Capcom of Europe has updated today with a blog featuring the Spec-Op members from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City as well as background information on the lot. Straight from Capcom:

“The Special Ops team is sent in to Raccoon City to find out just what’s been going on and to suppress the zombie threat. Little do they know that they’ll also be up against the Umbrella Security Service and under constant threat from hordes of zombies and B.O.W.s. But just who is this hard bitten crew of highly skilled soldiers? Read on to find out:

Dee-Ay: Crispin ‘Dee-Ay’ Jettingham has been a soldier for as long as he can remember. He was the government’s top choice to be the leader of the Echo Six team. Always calm and collected, he is a true soldier and is highly skilled and efficient with his weaponry and his orders.

Harley: A foul-mouthed ex-biker, Erez ‘Harley’ Morris joined the service to avoid going to jail. Excelling in medicine during operation Desert Storm, Harley unexpectedly became one of the best medics in the field. Always putting other’s lives before his, he will always do his best to make sure no man is left behind.

Party Girl: Sienna ‘Party Girl’ Fowler got her reputation throwing wild parties in her youth for businessmen and officials. Little did they know that every party she threw was also recorded with hidden equipment, which would be sold to the highest bidder. The government hired her after she managed to dupe their top surveillance expert at one of her parties.

Shona: Exposed to death at a young age, Lawrence ‘Shona’ Kimbala began treating diseases in his home country of Zimbabwe. After his father’s death, he attended Harvard medical school where he realized he had a skill for controlling viruses instead of curing them. He joined the Army’s special weapons program as their foremost expert in virology.

Tweed: Marissa ‘Tweed’ Ronson has a quick tongue and a ready fuse. Originally working for the British Secret Service, she disappeared after a bomb removal operation left her scarred. Hand-picked by the government, Tweed became part of Echo Six because of her unparalleled expertise in demolitions.

Willow: Caroline ‘Willow’ Floyd developed her skill for speed and elusion growing up alone on a reservation in Montana. She joined the Army straight out of school, excelling as part of the Special Forces. Never satisfied with herself, Willow continues to hone her skills each and every day.”

Quite the interesting bunch. They seem like Resident Evil main-type characters and fit into the universe rather well. Admittedly when I first heard the Umbrella Security Service were going to be up against Spec-Ops I wasn’t that impressed. But these guys seem very Resident Evil-like and it’s neat to see them with some depth rather than just a pretty face. We’ll bring you more on the game as it comes.


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  • Jawmuncher

    I wonder if the campaign might jump to these guys point of view every now and then.
    Or maybe just a mode Where you can play as them.

  • Henrik

    Think Harley and Francis from Left 4 dead was going to get along just fine.

    Otherwise its the typical cast to not anger any minoritys Capcom has included atleast one black guy and a asian chick.

    Seem Capcom choosed something exotic too a native american in Tweed.

    When is capcom gonna choose a singalese halfbreed geek with Swedish nationalty like me:)

    I can be cool too honestly:) go for a smart asian handsome southasian guy next capcom.

    But better ask my girl wich department fit me best probably the comical bloke with long ET arms,skinny as hell.

    She did not pick me for the brains thats for sure.

    Capcom would at best cast me as a misshapen BOW or the guy that die first.:)

  • Henrik

    * ment willow in post above and not Tweed.

    And yeah hope too one can play these guys in singleplayer mode with a plot intersecting with USS would be sad if they only where for versus mode.

  • Elyssa

    Haha @ Henrik your comments always make me laugh. I noticed that too, here we have a token black & a token asian in a team of mostly whites, but that’s usually how it goes. I personally too wish they would put a really handsome asian guy instead 😉 I’m always picked on by family/friends for being really skinny (under 100 lbs) & that I couldn’t hurt a fly but see! these girls all look skinny too & i’m sure they could kick some ass. Oh & by the way are those numbers in thick black tattooing on Harley’s left arm?

  • Henrik

    Maybe its a hidden message like Billy”s tatoo dpnt remember what it said though think his tribal read mother or mother’s love.

    Harley might have something but with numbers.

    Anyone know what voice cast are.
    I found that Terry Crew does the voice of Bertram USS but if the info is relaible or not I cant say was wikipedia so guess not.

    Elyssia I probably weight around that too somtimes in when its strong winds outside I wonder why Iam still on the ground.

    Man and women alike can lift me like a feather:)

    My 11 year cousin’s daughter can even lift me from the ground if I was not taller then ke her she could probably toss me around like a doll:)

    Like a my girlfriend does:p,nah she is friendly enough and yeah she did not take me for the looks or brains:)

    Have it on paper now that it was for my charm and humor:)

    Plus that I can be pretty romantic.

    Dont do any balconeys though guys even if you have 7red roses with you if you girl still thinks its a thief like mine she will come swinging with a bat.
    Lucky she did not killed me had a headache for week though she aimed for the head too;)

    Harods in England and a 35 k engament ring works better:)
    Was poor for a long time after that but worth it:)

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    The interesting fact for the USS team is that none of them is American nationality.Vector and Four-Eyes are Japanese,Beltway from Puerto Rico(i think,can´t remember now),Bertha is German,Lupo is French and Spectre is Russian.

    An interesting fact is that the Echo Six team is opposite in gender towards the USS Delta team when looking at each others class.

    Vector – Willow (Man-Woman) Recon
    Spectre – Party Girl (Man-Woman) Marksman
    Beltway – Tweed (Man-Woman) Demolition
    Bertha – Harley (Woman-Man) Medic
    Four Eyes – Shona (Woman-Man) Scientist
    Lupo – Dee Ay (Woman-Man) Leader

    See tha pattern? 😉

  • Henrik

    Beltway I ment ofcourse in my post above dont know why I wrote Bertram.
    Yeah noticed above pattern too:)

    Wonder if we can play BOWs in future dlcs like another kind of gameplay like left 4 deads infected.

  • TrueAnakin09

    Why did you put “good guys” in parenthesis? They are the freakin’ good guys!

  • Bio-ME

    This is interesting but the Main Characters in the game are the USS so we already know that this so called Echo Team will all fall easily to the BOWs and USS and will die all horribly for defying Umbrella and we know who the first one to go is watch the ending to the Triple Impact trailer HAHAHAHAHHAAH! I LOVE YOU T-103 or should I say MR. X! 🙂

  • SilverFF

    *Off Subject* Am I the only one that wants to know about Sherry Birkins outcome in this game? If USS gets to her first before Leon or Claire? The G Embryo never gets removed. Is there any talks about the “What If” scenarios besides “Kill Leon”?

  • Nero

    Well one the reasons that he put “good guys” is because they work for the government. Same government that bought BOW’s from Umbrella. They knew what was going on. So it’s like choosing the lesser of two evils in the other case being umbrella.

  • Henrik

    No silver I posted the same question in the past.

    As a what if title ORC is interesting, say we kill off Leon and Claire none is there to cure Sherry when infected by her father thus will we fight a G-virus infected Sherry Birkin?

    Same with Jill and Nemesis,we kill off Carlos nemesis infect Jill with T-virus or whatever he now had,nemesis parasite??

    Will we encounter a zombie Jill.

    I do hope ORC has these kind of changeable scenarios too.

  • SilverFF

    Thanks Henrik.

  • c

    sad that we know they will most likely all be killed in the story anyways.

  • c

    My idea for the story is that the USS take out all survivors, then when they get ready to leave they discover umbrella is using them and is leaving them there to die instead, so then they team up with spec-ops. I would like that. 🙂

  • nemesis91286

    i have the feeling that the only one of the USS team members that survives is Vector. After all he did train under HUNK and his combat experiences are matched to his.

    here’s the link to more info about it


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