Jill Valentine actress cosplays as Jill Valentine


Resident Evil fans will definitely recognize Julia Voth. She served as the model for Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil Remake. Her likeness was then used in a several other games in the series following that. Years later, the actress has finally decided to cosplay as the series all-STAR.

jillvYou can view all the images from Julia Voth’s cosplay photo shoot by heading on over to the source link below! And be on the lookout because she’s confirmed that she’s going to be cosplaying as Jill at conventions this year.


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  • ArthurBerceuse

    I never thought i’d see this day.

  • Bababooey

    The REmake and Umbrella Chronicles are the only actual games were they used the unaltered likeness of Julia Voth.

    In RE5 they altered her face (nose, jawline, eye brows ) to make her look older. Which was silly, considering that over 10 years have passed and the real Julia Voth didn’t suffer such facial changes from how she looked in 2002. So the modifications were compeltely unnecessary.

    Anyway, this is amazing.

    • I always thought that sucked in RE5 & especially how she looks in Revelations. I know Capcom doesn’t like using actors likenesses, especially if they’re unionized. I’d like to see her in another game, even if it’s not RE.

  • Andy



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