Get your first look at Resident Evil: Vendetta


It’s been months since we last heard anything about the latest Resident Evil animated movie, subtitled Vendetta. While we still don’t have any new information about the upcoming film, we do have a pair of screenshots.

Sadly, said screenshots are… pretty small, and I didn’t want to blow them up to lose any of the quality. So… we’re stuck with them as is for the time being. They come thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, so it’s safe to say we’ll be getting a nice reveal of this pretty soon.

Chris is back! And once again he’s exploring a creepy mansion. The dude above Chris in the first image reminds me a lot of Krauser. Hell, if he was actually alive, maybe the title of the film refers to Krauser’s unfinished business with Leon.

Resident Evil: Vendetta will be released sometime in 2017 and it will star Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Rebecca Chambers.

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  • Yudha

    Or Wesker with his Vendetta againts Chris….

  • Liam Mountain

    That dinning room screenshot is giving me RE 3.5 vibes.
    I really want to see what Rebecca looks like now.

  • Arnold Choppa

    I’ll bet that’s Jake Muller in the back… Him becoming a villain would be a great plot twist.
    That would make the name “Vendetta” a lot more plausible.

    • Good point! I like that.

      • Arnold Choppa

        Despite what many people say, I liked Jake… But the series is lacking a good villain since Albert died (I really hope they don’t bring him back, that would reveal a lack of creativity, the guy was decapitated by a Rocket Launcher and buried in lava… There is no turning back from that).
        Let’s suppose that Jake grew a huge hatred for Chris just like his father did, that would be an awesome plot twist and would justify the name of the movie.

        • Dick Mountainjoy

          Wesker wasn’t exactly a great horror villain, He wasn’t remotely scary, he failed every main game “Plan” and had some bullshit saving grace between them, and his comeback in CV came out of nowhere. Plus he was a total joke in 1, and did nothing of real interest in the “Good” game of 2,3,4.

          • KT718

            Yeah I’ve never been a huge Wesker fan myself. Although I think Alex is taking up the horror villain mantle pretty well. But that picture sure doesn’t look like Natalia…

          • Arnold Choppa

            I don’t give a damn about horror, Wesker was always an action type of villain since Code Veronica and he was great at what he did.
            Not everything needs to revolve around horror in this series!

          • Dick Mountainjoy

            Sure, why should a horror series have a horror main villain? Says a guy on a horror website.

        • Jonata

          Jake doesn’t have a scar like that on his left eye, though. Krauser has it.

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      It would be terrible character development given everything that happened in 6.

      Then again, his hate of Chris in 6 was completely irrational considering he didn’t know his dad, and his dad was an irredeemably evil psychopath.

      • KT718

        True that, he tells Sherry that he didn’t care about his father, and that considering how terrible he was he was probably better off not knowing him, then he turns around and goes “YOU KILLED MY DAD I HATE YOU” to Chris so it didn’t make much sense.

        • Dick Mountainjoy

          I think they just wanted the foe yay gay Chrisker tension back.

  • Leon Kenedy


  • Usuario765

    el resident evil 7 debería haber sido un co-op de leon con chris los 2 personajes más grandes de la saga y no ese tal ethan que no lo conoce nadie, en la mansión sin gracia y más encima en primera persona

  • John Ruth

    Oh, they turned the scrapped Resident Evil 3.5 into a movie 😀
    Looks good.

    • Mr.Csquared

      If that is what Vendetta really is….I will love it. I love 3.5! Should’ve been the real RE4 imo.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Oh Boy, Chris in a mansion recreation, not like we haven’t seen that 3 times before…

    It’s really hard to get hyped over Chris, Jill is way more interesting of the OG due, and without Wesker they have nothing for him, as shown by this RE6 character Un-development.

    • Arnold Choppa

      Chris is the main protagonist and a lot better than Jill… Really, she only killed Nemesis while we’ve seen Chris’ personality with his affection over his sister and the break down he had in RE6 by losing so many lives in this battle ever since RE1.
      You must be the only one lol
      Every other RE fan is hyped to see Chris in the movie, just deal with it.

      • Dick Mountainjoy

        Sure, she only killed Nemesis, watched Raccoon City get nuked, survived the mansion, speared Wesker out of a window and got brainwashed…

        It’s not that impressive of a breakdown when he gets over it in 5 minutes of screen time, which is a rehash of the same non-arc he had in 5. And plot twist, every RE lead has lost allies, Chris is hardly the only one. And the affection of his sister? the sister he hardly mentions if ever outside of CV? The sister Leon and Barry have had more meaningful interactions with?

        Sure, every other RE fan may be hyped to see him, but they are also probably the same ones who bitch about the series not returning to its roots while also wanting Neo-Wesker back, so their opinion is probably they the series direction is a mess in the first place.

      • jacques

        Without Wesker and without his role as a damsel in distress savior, Chris would only be the good soldier character.
        The authors wanted to create Elsa Walker in the first place in résident evil 2. But then they decided to replace Elsa with Claire.
        Because it was easier for them to write the plot of résident 2 that way.
        I hated how Claire became a damsel in distress in Veronica! And of course Chris went to save her!
        Deal with your caricatural heroe!

    • KT718

      Chris and Jill are the two most boring characters in the series (except maybe Leon of late). I love em both, but they’re brick walls when it comes to character development, which is especially annoying considering all of the reason they’ve had to develop. The closest they got was Chris in 6, but then at the end he turned back into the wall that he used to be.

      • Dick Mountainjoy

        Jill shows potential in her Rev2 notes. But she seems benched for good…

        Drunk Chris was great, for 5 minutes then he was back to white bread boy scout.

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Nicholai? He’s the only surviving RE villain, and has Dark Eyebrows and Light Hair…

    But without Jill that would make literally no sense.

  • KT718

    Chris looks like Sasha in that picture.

  • Henrikm

    I vote for Morpheus if Wesker can return for a couple of RE title so can he or should I say she/it now.

    The only female tyrant as of yet aswell..

    Nah he is dead but still a little bummed that we saw no trace of his “paradise” he wanted to establish in Africa in RE5.

    But guess Bruce saw to it was never realized if he was not in Africa before the cruiser incident?

    I guess it is Wesker again a prequal to RE5-6.

    It is something about the eyes in the poster.

    Would not say no to Nicolai though.

    Dr Marcus reborn?

  • Ryley

    Another spencer mansion look-alike? How many houses did they build and more importantly how many millions did they expend building all of them?

  • Di

    dont tell me they are gonna repeat the resident evil 1 thing, well if thats the case at least it will be better than the stupid thing they are doing with RE 7

  • Jonata

    The eyes and the scar definitely match Krauser’s. It would fit with the title and Krauser’s business with Leon, but it’s a bit odd that the poster shows Chris instead of Leon front and center. Perhaps it’s a new villain which has something to do wiht Rebecca (which we still haven’t seen, by the way).

    After the Resident Evil 7 disappointment, I can’t wait to see the good ol’ guys get back in action. Let’s hope for a proper Revelations 3 with some other recurring character, too. Jake still has his own story to continue, after all, and “Natalex” Wesker’s somewhere out there.

  • Anonymous

    The guy in the video had blonde hair like wesker and shades 😑😑 so who the hell is it? They need to give us more detail shits pissing me off.


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