Get a closer look at Chris and Leon in Resident Evil: Vendetta


Mansions have become synonymous with Resident Evil. And that tradition will continue with the release of the series’ latest animated film, Resident Evil: Vendetta, in 2017.

Chris Redfield will be working with Leon S. Kennedy in Vendetta’s story, with Rebecca Chambers involved as well. The last time we saw Chris and Leon share a screen together they started things by aiming guns at each other, now they’ll be aiming guns at… zombies? We don’t quite know yet. But it’s safe to say that the villain of the film could be the mysterious face hovering over Chris in the key art (above). My money is on it being either Jack Krauser (hey, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see him return somehow) or Jake. I’m leaning more towards Krauser, if they do end up bringing him back to life, that is. He certainly has some unfinished business with Leon, which would be reason enough for the film’s title.

Check out some new images from the film below, which were scanned from the latest issue of Famitsu.

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  • João Soares


  • KT718

    I would be more inclined to assume it’s a new villain altogether if it wasn’t for the fact that the film is called Vendetta, so somebody must have beef with somebody. Also Chris looks kinda weird:/

    • Dan Shiveley

      He doesn’t look like “classic” Chris. There are some similarities, but they’ve changed his look quite a bit. It’s not a bad look… just different.

      • Dick Mountainjoy

        He looks 20 for some reason, so in a way he looks more like Classic “Pre-PED” Chris.

  • Nicholas Perry

    This looks more visually appealing than RE7. Even though it’s yet another mansion…but hey. I’m sure it will be decent and leagues ahead of those appalling hollywood RE movies. Which while entertaining, lost any and all sense of coherency after the 2nd one and became nothing but mindless action movies with barely any plot or character development. Can’t even keep a consistent cast of characters.

    • Di

      both visually and storycally, resident evil 7 looks like a mix of silent hill and the texas chainsaw massacre and thats nothing what resident evil is al about, that sh*t shouldnt even be called resident evil

  • Di

    wonder who is the bad guy, I dont remember anyone with short hair and a scar

  • John Ruth

    Jake the new villain? Even the guess is most obscure. It’s neither Jake nor Krauser. Since the previous movies both featured original villains, the same will most likely happen in Vendetta.

    Although, I like the new look of Chris who doesen’t look like a Gorilla anymore. The different look is most likely thanked to a new Motion Capture Actor.

    • gantarat

      Confirm New Character.

  • MassDistraction

    Or the mysterious face could be Nicholai? I mean, it’s pretty much confirmed him surviving (and Barry saving Jill and Carlos) is the true ending to RE3.

  • Mila

    Why does Chris look like Alexander Kozachenko this time ?

    • KT718

      That’s what I thought too

  • Ivan Anguiano Monroy

    The villain looks like a young Ozwell Spencer. They probably brought him back to life because his story was never completed properly.


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