Capcom responds to mixed Resident Evil 6 reviews

At the First Look event that went down this Saturday, I managed to reach out to members of Capcom’s PR-department and ask them about their thoughts on Resident Evil 6’s mixed reception.The latest entry in this long-running franchise has seen a very mixed reception since it was released, we personally gave it a 9/10, but the very opinionated (and handsome) Jim Sterling from Destructoid and the Jimquisition has given it a 3/10. Gamespot with a 4.5/10.

According to Metacritic the current average is a 6.6/10, not bad by any means, but not something a company like Capcom would want for their AAA title. Interestingly enough the average User Score is 0.9, which is a number generated out of almost 3000 reviews. By comparison: Resident Evil 5 had a score of 8.3/10 (7.5 from users) and the fan-favorite Resident Evil 4 has a 9.6/10 (8.9 from users).

The staff I interviewed explained that with Resident Evil 6, the company tried to bring new life into the franchise. According to the company, people were slowly, but surely growing tired of the classic Resident Evil formula. Slowly walking through zombie-infested houses, awkward aiming, forced camera-angles had to go and with Resident Evil 6 they wanted the series to become a more modern and fluent experience, while of course still maintaining core-elements.

“We announced that there would be three campaigns. Leon’s campaigns is more classic survival-horror, Chris has more action and Jake does a lot of sneaking and stealth” (paraphrased) explained one employee. When asked if people were judging it because it was not like the original from 1996, the staff cautiously proceeded to explain that they hope everybody will judge the game by its own merit and not that of previous installments.

Overall the message was that they strongly believed that the company produced a quality product that innovated the series and they hoped that people would accept it for what it is.

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  • Vampire-Jekyll

    slowly walking through zombie-infested houses, awkward aiming, forced camera angles… I loved those aspects of the old games. They were unique in a world where every game played like… well, Resident Evil 6. =/

    • livingdeadguy989

      The majority of the world is ignorant and money is in the majority, so video games will cater to ignorance. And that’s how we’ll come to
      Call of Mario Warfare 5: Operation Mushroom City. Kill me now.
      On topic although I don’t like the direction of RE6 I think they did honestly try to make a good game and I respect that. A lot of the reviews are unfair and reek of people getting mad cause they were bad at the game. I also have no plan of buying the game only because Capcom’s pulling DLC shananigans again.

  • WindrunnerReaper

    0.9? Sounds fair, for RE is pretty much dead and RE6 is a failed attemp to create a movie in a video game. Suffer forever Capcom, for you failure was foretold by the stars.

    • Earthbound_X

      They aren’t suffering though, this game has sold a ton, and made them tons of money.

      So it seemed to be a good move from a business standpoint, to go lowest common denominator with RE6.

      I won’t be getting the game myself until it’s under 20 bucks or so, most likely from a Gamefly sale.

      • Koulamatata

        I really don’t see what so bad about having a game rated at 6-8.
        People act like it’s the end of the world.

        But you’re right… every game doesn’t have to have a god damn 9.5 or 10 to be good.
        Why gamers as a whole seem to skip 5 and 6 is beyond me. If a game is a solid 6.5… screw it. Just give it a 2.

      • yeah i don’t get the discontentment with the scores. most of its scores are actually great, 7,8’s and even 9’s. and the negative reviews aren’t even bashing the game that much, they actually had constructive criticism in them for the most part. why is that not allowed or acceptable?

    • T-lad

      Think it’s a typo… Meant to be 9.0

  • Earthbound_X

    I wouldn’t put any belief in the user reviews. I learned a few years back, to not believe anything from user reviews, ever since I learned about review bombing.

    Since then, I don’t trust anything from any user or player submitted review, good or bad.

    To be clear, I have not yet played RE6, so I have no opinion on it, so I’m not defending it, I just don’t think we should be paying attention to user reviews.

    • UncleChuck

      I… I… learned and believe. You certainly are caught up in you.

    • Banditry

      I… I… learned and believe. You certainly are caught up in you.

      • Earthbound_X

        Believe what you want, but I’m not gonna trust reviews from people who don’t seem to understand there’s scores in between a perfect 10, and a worst game ever made 1.

        Go look at reviews from sites like Amazon, you’ll see mostly 1 and 5 star reviews, not many people seem to use the middle ground.

  • Benjamin May

    I’ve literally just finished it. On the whole, I really enjoyed it. For me, the worst moments were when it tried to be cinematic. At these times, the game tended to sacrifice decent gameplay for the sake of creating a cinematic look.

  • shaun

    Sorry but i dont believe a word of it. Capcom themselves wanted the call of duty crowd to play re6. its a dissapointment

  • Joosh

    Where does Capcom get their info? Making a RE game more like Gears of War and Call of Duty is a step in the wrong direction. We don’t need every company making the same game (EA is already working on trying to make that happen).

    • Earthbound_X

      They did for the money, and it seems to have worked for them.

      • Swcloud99

        To quote a good gaming site (gamefront)
        “You can’t be the market leader by following the market leader”
        They will never sell Call of Duty numbers by copying Call of Duty. They won’t sell Gears of War numbers by copying Gears of War.
        If they want the gem that sells 14 million units then they NEED to innovate.

        • Earthbound_X

          I agree, for the next game, but for RE6, it’s sold over 4.5 million so far, in it’s first week.

          Seems to be doing very well for Capcom.

          • lol

            Shipped or sold?

          • Swcloud99

            It didn’t sell 4.5 million units. It shipped 4.5 million units. Huge difference. It just means the stores asked for extra units because they expected to sell more than they had. Think of it has 4.5 million expected sales.
            With all the negative reception the game has been getting, people just might not buy the extra units and the stores will ask Capcom for a refound.
            Personally, I think if you liked RE5, there is no reason not to like RE6. It’s basically the same thing except tighter and longer. What it is not is innovative in ANY way.

          • Earthbound_X

            Ah, my mistake then.

  • StuntmanSnake

    I love Jim Sterling for giving Deadly Premonition a 10/10, but a 3/10 for RE6? The game is no where near that bad.

    • Earthbound_X

      My experience with Mr. Sterling is that he likes to piss people off.

      From a few of his tweets, he seems to get off on making people mad, so he can act superior to them. I’m not a fan.

    • gast0n

      Deadly premonition is a game for a 9 or 10 , Call of evil 6 I mean gear of evil I’m sorry!! Resident evil 6… is a game for a 3

      • WyrmKing

        gast0n, shut your fucking mouth. Resident Evil 6 is nowhere near a 3. How many games have you ever played in your life? You new generation of gamers are spoiled bitches. When a game is not a 9 or 10, it’s automatically a 3 to you assholes.

        • gast0n

          sure sure, go play your call of duty or gears of war wanna be 馃檪 I play video games since i was 4 years old and I play all RE evils (i was 8 when i played re 1 =) ), and this is not a resident evil game is an interactive action movie with a lot of quick time events and some parts with action shooter nothing more.


            Sure man, very mature 馃檪

          • gast0n

            funny because the one that saids “shut your fucking mouth” wasn’t me at all 馃榾 , this kids… fine by me go buy resident evil to capcom and the new dlc that it is sure coming soon :). Nothing new, nothing innovative, it’s all copy from some other generic games but thats fine im not saying you shouldn’t play or do what ever you want 馃檪


            Thanks man, i will enjoy RE6 meanwhile… you can read all RE related post what you want…enjoy yourself 馃檪 Adios amigo y odia con ganas papito

          • gast0n

            Papito?Eso te salio bastante gay…y no odio, acaso no puedo decir que el juego merece un 3? si a vos te gusta que te vendan basura reciclada es tu problema, sobre todo cuando te venden algo solo por el nombre y lo compras, eso es un problema y la industria de los video juegos esta en decline por este motivo… las compa帽ias AAA no innovan en nada, siguen exprimiendo a mas no poder las franquisias que tienen sin arriesgar un apice. En fin hace lo que quieras no intento convencerte ni nada. Saludos


            Adem谩s de agresivo, hom贸fobo…NO merece un tres, lo sabes y lo se. A ti te parece una mierda, 驴Qu茅 haces comentando en un post de Resident Evil 6? yo lo compro, tu no…Yo lo juego, tu lo odias y ya est谩—Creo que la mejor protesta es ignorar, si no ignoras le das publicidad al juego

          • gast0n

            No soy homofobico, solo son贸 de esa forma el Papito. Tenes raz贸n un 3 es demasiado bajo, pero tampoco merece un 9, es un juego para un 5 o 6, como muy generoso un 7 no mas que eso, el mismo puntaje le di al RE 5, son juegos de acci贸n, mas que gen茅ricos que estos no podes encontrar, no innovan en nada por ende no pueden recibir un 9 es imposible! Es como darle a un call of duty un 9 cuando en realidad no hay nada que destaque y a un juego por ser divertido no podes darle un 9, sino que le darias a un juego que es divertido y ademas sobresale en muchas otras cosas, como por ejemplo Amnesia the dark descent? Divertido, tiene buena narraci贸n, buenos graficos, excelente sonido, ambientacion mas que buena etc etc.

          • El polloco

            Callate maricon


            whatever, loser

          • Jeremy Saylor

            You’ve been playing games since you were four you say, but you type as if you’re now seven, so I can’t really take your “gaming experience” with any credibility whatsoever.

          • gast0n

            Spanish is my first language not english and you understand everything I wrote so it isnt that bad after all…

          • man it gets irritating when people just say stuff with ought thinking, honestly tell me if resident evil 6 deserves a 3. Really thats reserved for movie games that try to get money. Resident evil 6 is by no means a perfect game to many quick time events the aiming isn’t very good along with the cover and everything needs a little polishing, but this game is still very enjoyable. The campaigns are fun with elements from past re games and the environments keep the game from getting repetitive. The gameplay i thought was a big improvement and i didn’t feel like a tank now that i can dodge and enemy attack. i would honestly give re 6 a 7/10

  • JonnyBigBoss

    The game is a trainwreck. It deserves a far lesser Metascore.

    • wyrmking

      Uh, no. The metascore is just right. You probably haven’t even played the whole game.

  • As long as the fans , like us , like the game all those stupid reviews do not count , coz is a really good game.

  • ted

    The game is fun. Do you kids know that when you bash a game because of immaturity your goal is for nobody else to buy it. When you do that then companys lose money and people lose jobs. Then there is no risk on new ip. People that work in this industry have a passion for games. The first console that I had was the atari 2600. Have you ever played a game on it? I think re6 is awesome and im alot more credible than most of you

  • the ‘call of duty’ influence is so obvious. but i think the game is going to sell really well and could possibly be the best selling re title. i don’t truly believe it deserves a 3, most likely a 7 or 8 at best – RE6 does sure look like its fun. but never a 9 or 10 like capcom wanted, RE6 can’t be better than resident evil 0,1,2,3 and 4.

  • Ali

    Was that dig at Sterling (Malory Archer LOL) really necessary? Also I like how capcom disregards everything instead of honestly figuring out what went wrong and taking onboard any criticism *claps*

    Also for the last time people, ‘Units shipped’ doesn’t mean ‘units sold’

    The game was good (though very irritating in most parts) but please don’t sit there and disregard its flaws, that’s Capcom’s job!

  • I don’t care what others say about the game. I am loving it. I assume it is not to everyone’s tastes, but no game can be. I have loved every RE installment I own. I have REmake, RE0, 2, 3, 4, CV, ORC, 5, 6, DA, OB, OBF2, DC, UC, and I want to get REvelations. Each game, to me, seems to add something new and exciting. And just to add a little more ammo to those who may want to flame me, yes, I have all of the live-action films, the CGI films (Including 4-D Executer), the four Bandai Card Games, the Umbrella, 2 shirts, a sweat jacket, messenger bag, hat, dog tags, game mat, and the novelizations of the film and the S.D. Perry series. You could say I am a bit addicted. LMAO.

    • Benjamin May

      Exactly. It is OK to like both old and new Resident Evil. I don’t think one set of fans telling the other set of fans they are not ‘true’ fans is particularly constructive. While, I am, at heart a fan of the more slow-paced Resident Evil games, I do really like the way the universe of Resident Evil has expanded, and I think it’s great that the series is flexible enough to try different styles of gameplay.

  • In my opinion Capcom are so out of touch with the fans of resident evil, they want to do their own thing and no matter how much people say they want classic they just keep forcing this bull on us. I havent even completed the game yet, I finished Leons campaign which was good, Chris’ campaign isn’t too bad but Chris is annoying me in this game. I played Jakes for around 5 minutes and turned it off. I honestly think that they’ve gone too over board with there being 3 campaigns I think they should have stuck to one – Leons and made it the best experience for their fans they could have done. A nice mixture of Leons campaign and Lost in Nightmares would have been amazing.

  • I don’t know why they can’t try and mix both the new style of playing and the old. Running through a city/graveyard shooting zombies in it’s current style works well and that’s how it should be, but when lets say you get to the cathedral, why can’t it then go back to the old original camera style with some puzzles and rooms etc. I believe this would keep both new and old fans happy.

    Briefly towards the end of Chris’s campaign for some reason a couple of times the camera would go back to the old style way, just for a couple of corridors. At that point I realised there is potential to do this.

  • Maybe this will teach capcom a lesson not to piss off the the re fans spliting the fan base in to two groups one wants action horror while the true resident evil fans wants a return to true survival horror save type writers safe boxs u can put your stuff in to puzzles need tocome back def its what made it what it is not bloody action its like trieing to make call of duty a survival horror game see where im coming from now peeps

    • MassDistraction

      It’s sad that people still get categorized as “true” fans. I’ve played every single RE title, except for the GC ones, and I like the games how they are now. Am I not a true fan?

      • Im fighting for what i belive should be and not be witch is my opining iv been a fan as long as i can remember for years im just trieing to get re back on track where it belongs i hate capcoms choice where to take the seires if u like it for what it is good on u but that dosen’t mean i have to like it if say a seires u loved so much growing up changed and not in a good way and u hated it and see it come to this how would u react ?

  • MarkM

    Dont give a toss what ppl say, to me as a game in genral its a 9, the camera and dodgy cover systme lose it points but the game is fun and entertaining..

    People shouldn’t take things too serious, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

  • gves

    re6 sux. disappointd with capcom. all they care about is money n not quality. i may neva play re again.

  • I understand that RE 6 isn’t perfect,but it doesn’t deserved to bashed. I am enjoying RE 6 so far and I know that the game has some faults to it. We know that Capcom is trying to cater to the shooter crowd,which some may or may not like. We all miss what RE used to be,but we need to accept what RE has become. (An action/shooter game…….unfortunate,but what can we do sbout it) nothing……

  • luigiix

    I was playing RE6 yesterday and i realized that it gives me motion sickness. The camera is too close to the character… Yet another nail in the coffin.
    It’s a shame. i was starting to enjoy it a bit more :/

    • i thought it had aim-camera settings? or was it still too close?

  • liam

    Ive enjoyed every single resident evil game since the 1st game ever came out including all the spin off games, they all offer something different which is what I like. Each to there own I suppose But as long as I enjoy the game thats all that really matters. Ada is awesome in this game.

  • StormAnimal

    ” … and they hoped that people would accept it for what it is.”

    i do. it’s no oldschool resident evil but nevertheless it’s a crappy shooter.

    but who cares? we still have deadly premonition and special edition is coming.

  • manos17

    They gave the same grade as RE ORC? Unbelievable! I don’t care what popular reviewers say… I played all 4 campaigns and I literally loved this game!

    • SvK83

      i hope you meant to say figuratively instead of



    • StormAnimal


      haha. old gameplay is becoming tiresome so they “reinvented” resident evil by giving it one, others have for years. great one. but i think that’s the meaning of reinventing = creating something known, in the exact same way, totally new.

      • MassDistraction

        One could still ask: What HASN’t been invented yet? Pretty much any direction you take a game it’s gonna be a recycle of something. Well, unless it’s an indie game with some mind blowing mechanic that wouldn’t make sense in something like RE anyway.

  • Bioject

    Damn i realy wanted an RE2 Remake but i dont think capcoms gonna make that happen with all the shit talkers i for one found RE6 to be a solid and good game i think its a step in the right direction for whats to come if that ever happens that is.
    Yes i have played the classics i beat RE2 with leon 5 time in one day just cuz it was that awsome to me but times have changed and its time for somthing new and fresh so you can just Deal With It or get back to playing

  • yelle25

    People are so into scores it’s crazy! Is it because schools trained you guys like that? The best way is to rent it. Bored? Not enjoying it? Don’t buy it. Excited? Buy it. Want to share an opinion? Be polite and coherent! Thats all folks! :p

    • That Guy

      It’s more their tight wallets these days. Back in the day, I used to take a lot more risks with unfamiliar games. These days, I put my money on top tier titles that I’m within an 80% chance of enjoying (reviews, by anyone, play little to no part for me personally). So people are understandably stringent with their dollars and more reliant on reviews than ever before.

      Not a model I follow, but one I certainly understand the reasoning behind.

  • Henrikm

    After played through RE6 (it was faster then I though even with 4 diffrent campaigns.) I personally would score it around 6-7 which is not that bad.
    Nontheless while I enjoyed the game, Iam personally is not a big fan of quick events,though nr 4 was even worse in that department. some of the quick event flashed through so fast that ment instant death if one failed can be somewhat frustrating when one otherwise had a smooth gameplay.
    Chris campagin seems to be one of the more disliked ones,while Chris is one of my favourite RE character’s it sad that Chris has too take some of the blows just because of the campaign.
    If it had been vice versa that Chris had starred Tall oaks I guess he had been praised alot,I dont know?
    But I agree with those that said Leon’s campaign was more fun.
    I wish all three campaign had been like that as I never was a big fan of the more actionlike theme that started with 4 and continued with 5 into Chris campaign in 6.
    Leon’s campagin was the closest too classical horror I enjoyed the series for yet being modern.
    Some other things that might bring down the score for me was the plot.
    As someone else pointed out why create and hint of a character like Alex Wesker in RE5 and not even bring that up in RE6.
    Capcom seems to forget at times what they introduce to their own universe at times.
    The Leon and Ada plot was bit meh for me too,Ada and Leon acted like they did since RE2.
    Leon aches for Ada and Ada comes along saving him and disappearing again.
    I would have loved to seen more interecation between the two then just that.
    Also when Leon and Sherry finally meet had loved more hint backs to the past,though there was a few mentions I would have loved more of that.
    Anyway I enjoyed this game well enough, but still think if all 3 campaigns had been like Leon’s I would have liked it even more as then it would not had been so many ups and downs in the gameplays.
    As said this is how I personally would have rated RE6.
    The taste is as said divided still.

  • Jazpyy

    Just finished Leon’s mission, THIS GAME IS VERY BAD, and this is from someone who loved Resident Evil 5!

  • F.U.capcom

    i hope the imbecile they interviewed rot in hell, he has a lot of nerve for saying they maintained the core elements while its clearly the opposite… and in the quality department the game just suck i played the entire game in 1 day and i am damn glad that i rented because its the crap of the year award winner by far… the game sucks soooo bad that Shinji Mikami must be boiling in rage for what those bastards do to his baby…

  • BBRoux

    Forced camera angles had to go? Excuse me for bringing this up, but one of the reasons for gamespot’s bad review was the fact that RE6 was full of Forced Camera angles. Having started playing the game myself, I have found that the forced camera angles are more frequent and present in RE6. So in fact they have done the opposite and forced said camera angles more on the audience that still have faith in Capcom’s ability to keep the franchise going. These changes that they have ‘put into motion’ in the 6th game are the downfall of what was once considered one of the best survival horror franchise going.

  • Horror4ever

    Personally, I enjoy playing RE6 more than popularly accepted games like Gears of War series. I have played all three GOW series – finished the first one, but ditched 2 and 3 while playing because I got bored halfway. GOW series were same games rehashed again and again… very little incentive to play again!! Needless to say I won’t be playing GOW series again.
    On the other hand, RE series has adopted ever changing mechanics, which excites me to no end. You can never expect what the next installment may bring. On the score of RE6, it deserves at least 8.5/10.

  • Abstractpurpose

    Giving the series new life and doing away with camera angles and awkward aiming is nothing to complain about. In fact its great. But there team fails to understand they set a standard for what an re title is. Having gunfights in streets and on rooftops was NEVER part of that. An example is that you buy chicolate cake from a company for years. They always innovate by changing the icing or sonething. But then one year they give you a chocolate cake box you open it to find… WTF. I like the new controlls. Im ok with a lack of puzzles.

    However taking away everything that made us immediately buy the next game and calling it innovation isnt even good as a joke. Viral research zombies and a rich corperations hidden labs vs.a cult some terrorists and enemies toting guns……hmm allow me to compate and see why people who fell in love with one will frown upon this ghost recon that stole our resident evil title. Let them freshen it up and whatever but creeping through zombie infested houses and imagining what it must have been like before and during a zombie viral outbrake IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED.

    That is resident evil. Its why the walking dead is so great. Dont make us fall in love with something only to take it away.what kind of shitty buisness management is that? To make such a huge change that it will create a civil war amongst your fanbase. the new games are fun minus the qte’s but capcom could easily have made them under an offbranch title without having to step on there fans feat. Then how many of us would have happily bought both? But no they alienated there core fans in exchange for the action shooter gamers and took our series with them. Again. Im all for change but what they did was remove everything that made re what it was. Thats not change. Thats a whole new game series making sales off a used to be established title using only character names to tie fans into them. They failed the core fans

    And now the only ones that are happy are newcommers action gamers and people who liked the old games but not enough to be angry to see that gamestyle vanish entirely

  • lalilulelo

    i think capcom really needs to consider REmake 2 and see what happens,y麓 see if survival horror is really not that profitable.
    RE4 beta is the route they need to choose for me, that demo had it all, a mix of old and new school. semi-static camera angles and “the over-the shoulder” aim system. perfect.

  • Link

    I have been a gamer for the longest of times and have loved RE ever since the original, but what I am seeing here is blind fanboy-ism and a lot of irony.
    First off, you claim not to be influenced by numbers, yet the majority of you are complaining about a review score.
    Second, you say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yet you bash this guy for giving the game a bad score.
    As for the game itself, I will give it brownie points for innovation, but as we all hopefully have figured out by this point innovation=/=good. A lot of things that seemed innovative back in the day seem rather stupid or weird now. I personally did not enjoy the game, even if I completely disregard the RE title and judge it on its own merrit. The camera angles were just plain awful for a game, despite them looking rather well for a movie. The quick-time events felt excessive at times, like the climbing sequence. The friendly AI was rather stupid at times, getting stuck on doors and flunging itself on the nearest hoard of zombies. The scrippted events were annoying, and combined with the camera…..well you get the idea.
    In the end of the day, I would probably give this game a 5/10, since while it has some very good sections it is also boggled down by some really poor ones, which gives an overall average game.

  • Why would we not compare the way an RE game is to other RE games…? They basically said we know it’s not the same games you know and love but don’t judge us based on that!

  • BOB

    problem with Jim sterling is that he is paid by other companies to give bad reviews of other companies games. If Capcom had paid more then another game company then JS would have given it better reviews.

  • SadResFanBooHoo

    Quick Time Events are not innovative. Putting Quick Time Events in your game is the opposite of being innovative.

  • murray

    “People were slowly, but surely growing tired of the classic resident evil formula.Slowly walking through zombie infested houses.”

    When the fuck did this happen?

  • Zombies are back,…GREAT
    LOVE the new storyline
    BREATHTAKING action.

    I’m going to ignore the reviews and see for myself

  • Leons campaine is more of a surrivor horror…Don’t make ma laugh!

  • abstractpurpose

    Still maintaining core elements? Like what? Character names and guns. They took survival horror and made it a third person shootout game. Its getting slammed for a good reason. The game is fun sure….but the frustration of knowing true re games have died is enough to outweigh that. This would have been great as a new ip but as a re its a betrayal to fans of the series and the survival horror genre that they abandoned for just 1 more action game


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